Rossier's WarningMature

Even Tairas fell as the box stopped suddenly, anyone who wasn’t wedged in was thrown forwards.

“Is it over?” Balthazar groaned.

“I think so.” Lou said his light had gone out as the box made its way to wherever. A thin slit of light showed in one corner of the box. Lou pushed a hand out and the little room’s wall opened. A single light sat on the wall it was dim and every few seconds it fizzed and crackled. Lou pulled himself out of the tangle of arms and legs and stood pulling the small light from the damp wall. “batteries.” He muttered “someone came here recently.”

Dawn smiled as Gabriel moved to stand up.

“What?” Gabriel asked frowning.

“Nothing” Dawn said pulling himself up. “It’s just nice to get a hug” Gabriel glared at the daemon.

“Rossier.” Sylver shouted “if you don’t get off me I will kill you.” The vampyres voice sounded strained, Rossier laughed as he sat up, so he was straddling the vampyre.

“Your brother threatens me too often for me to worry about you.” Gabriel wrapped his claws around the back of the daemons neck almost lifting him from Sylver's waist.

“Do as you're told,” he snarled in the daemons ear.

“I forgot,” Rossier smiled “you get grouchy in tunnels, don’t you?”

“Rossier.” Dawn snapped the smaller daemon grinned at him and turned quickly moving away he walked straight into Lou's grip. The large daemon lifted him by his throat pulling him close.

“I am not in the mood for your fun and games,” Lou hissed “I suggest you keep your hands to yourself and your mouth shut.” Rossier's smile dropped.

“Yes,” he choked “sire.” Lou dropped him and Rossier landed on his back.

“Lou?” Dawn said after Rossier had scurried away to join the others.

“Don’t Dawn.” Lou said quietly. Dawn nodded as Lou walked away he took Gabriel's hand gently and they followed the rest of the group. Berith and Van Hay led the way with the little battery powered light.

The End

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