On the Way to SomewhereMature

Lou turned to look at the hole where the altar had been.

“Lou?” Berith said gently.

“Don’t.” Lou growled he gripped the side of the hole and lowered himself down.

“What was all that about?” Gabriel asked as he pulled a hoodie on trying to stop the shiver in his body.

“I think more was said than what we heard.” Dawn said quietly.


Sylver and the other vampyres all fed from their chosen donors, Dawn looked at Gabriel a few times but the look on the vampyres face made him bite back his words.

“Will you stop doing that?” Gabriel snapped seeing Dawn look at him again.

“I'm worried” Dawn muttered “sue me.” He moved closer to Gabriel. “Can’t I worry about you anymore?”

“No” Gabriel growled lighting a cigarette, “not when there are other things to worry about.”

“Like?” Dawn smiled Gabriel just looked at him and raised his eyebrows, Dawn laughed quietly. “I know what I'm worried about, but what are you worried about?”

“You want a list?” Gabriel sighed rubbing his forehead.

“I suppose not.” Dawn said looking up as Maxwell and Berith returned.

“Okay,” Lou said he was sat with his legs hanging down in the dark hole in the floor, his eyes seemed slightly glazed and his voice dull. “Lets go.”


One by one they dropped down into the hole, Morgan squeaked as Balthazar reached up and gripped her waist lowering her down.

“Need a hand?” he asked as Gabriel moved to the edge.

“No” Gabriel growled dropping down, immediately he regretted it. Everyone was crowded into the box under the hall, Balthazar held Berith and Morgan trying to stop them getting crushed. Dawn joined the panic lowering himself down. Suddenly everyone in the room froze as the little room shivered. Dawn pulled Gabriel to him leaning back on the wall. Gabriel looked up as the altar moved back into place above them plunging the group into darkness.

Only Dawn heard the distressed moan as he held the vampyre. The box shuddered again and everyone stumbled as the centre of gravity changed. Dawn's head hit the wall as he held Gabriel tightly against his chest. Balthazar had fallen taking Morgan and Berith with him, Maxwell and Van Hay landed on him too. Tairas had stumbled but stood quite serenely in the corner of the box visible only as Lou lit up his hand from beneath Deacon and Daryll. The little room sped along its path. Gabriel tried to stand as Dawn reluctantly let him go but a sharp corner landed him back on top of the daemon.

“Stay put, sweetie.” Dawn groaned “I don’t need any more bruises.” He wrapped his arms back around the vampyre as the box turned again.

“I don’t feel well.” Rossier groaned from somewhere.

“Nor me.” Morgan agreed. 

The End

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