A Little HigherMature

Amelia and Lou stood away from the group.

“Lou, please.” Amelia sighed, slightly impatiently. “I can’t leave, I have nowhere to go.”

“I could find something…” Lou started.

“No” Amelia said firmly. “I couldn’t deny someone the body I’d take.”

“What if…?” Lou said but Amelia held her hand up.

“No,” she said putting her hand up “I am not one of your daemons Lou and I do not act on your orders I am staying I have accepted it and you need to leave.” Lou reached up his hand paused near hers then his tears fell as his fingers passed through hers.


“So what now?” Rossier sighed no humour in his voice.

“I say everyone who needs to eat in whichever way they need to does so.” Berith said “we’re obviously not leaving this way.” She waved her hand indicating the hall.

“Actually you are.” Amelia said coming back over to them, Lou stayed where he was his back turned to the group Amelia sighed. “Berith you're right, everyone needs to feed, eat whatever get some rest.” She waved her hand over the altar and the odd writing began to glow. “This is how the guardians and a few of the locals who were close enough got away.” The altar sunk into the floor leaving a gaping black hole.

“Where does it go?” Gabriel asked feeling his mouth go dry as he looked at the dark opening.

“I'm not sure.” Amelia said “I get around two miles away and then appear back here.”

“So why are you here?” Gabriel asked.

“Dynonia Ruin is the place for unwanted daemons.” Amelia said as everyone sat down to get some rest.


Half an hour later Lou returned to the group his face pale and his eyes slightly bloodshot.

“Once you're in the tunnel try not to stop for long.” Amelia said “I don’t know what, if anything, lives down there.”

“And you’re sending us that way?” Rossier growled

“Yes, I am.” Amelia smiled “it’s the only way out.”

“Great” Rossier grumbled.

“You really haven’t changed.” Amelia laughed she turned hearing a whispered argument between Dawn and Gabriel.

“No, Dawn.” Gabriel snapped “I'm not feeding here.”

“You have too.” Dawn growled.


“Any reason?” Amelia asked.

“For starters I'm fine and second I am not in the habit of making a spectacle of myself, thank you very much.”

“But…” Dawn snapped.

“No” Gabriel cut him off. “And that’s the end of it.”

“Spoken like a true prince.” Amelia said fondly and a little sadly, Gabriel glared at her.

“So,” Lou said suddenly “I say we get out of here and get back to Hell.”

“No” Morgan snapped everyone looked at her. “I'm looking for mum and Lewis and Amarantine.”

“fine.” Lou shrugged “I'm going to Hell.”

“I’ll go with you Morgan.” Gabriel said.

“Aura’s looking for both of you.” Berith frowned “why don’t we get back and send out a search party.

“Hell will be locked down as soon as we are all there.” Lou stated “Aura will be furious when she realizes that you’ve escaped again.”

“You haven’t yet.” Amelia smiled.

“We will and then I'm coming back for you.” Lou growled.

“Lucifer.” Amelia sighed.


“I've already told you…”

“I know what you told me.” Lou snapped “and I don’t care.”

“Fine” Amelia snarled she looked at the others “go as fast as you can once in the tunnels and good luck.” She looked at Lou “goodbye Lucifer.” She snapped and with a loud bang she vanished. 

The End

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