Emotions on the RiseMature

A tall woman sat casually on the altar her legs crossed at the ankles, her elbows resting on her knees. Long red curls spilled over her shoulders she smiled widely.

“Amelia?” Dawn whispered.

“Hello boys.” The daemon grinned. Lou turned slowly as he heard her voice he stared unwilling to believe his eyes. “Hello, Lou.” She said warmly.

“What are you doing here?” Rossier asked Amelia uncrossed her legs and stepped onto the floor soundlessly.

“Well, you haven’t changed,” she smiled at Rossier “you're still rude and I'm not here.”

“Yes, you are.” Morgan frowned. Amelia smiled at her as Lou reached out towards her. She stepped back her smiled vanishing.

“No Lou.” She said gently, “keep you belief that I'm solid.”

“Huh?” Gabriel asked Amelia looked at him sadly.

“I am so sorry,” she said “I tried to protect you in Paradise.” Gabriel shook his head unable to reply as his mind flashed an image of the last time he'd seen the daemon.

“You did your best.” Dawn said his voice cracking slightly as he spoke, he gently rested an arm around Gabriel's shoulders.

“I will do my best to get you away from here too.” She said.

“We’re not leaving here without you.” Lou growled suddenly.

“I'm not here.” Amelia said.

“You are in some form.”

“A fractal spirit Lou, I died in paradise and this is all that’s left.” She said trying to explain quickly. “And what was left came to the only place I could.”

“I don’t understand.” Dawn frowned.

“I don’t belong anywhere.” Amelia said “my home was destroyed years ago, Hell and the underworld were locked down. Verrine's realm closed, I needed a place and I came here.”

“Amelia,” Lou managed she turned and smiled sadly at him, “a word?”

“Certainly.” She nodded then looked at the rest of the group. “get a little rest you have some time.” Gabriel watched her follow Lou and then beside him he saw Dawn sink down to sit heavily on the floor, his hand covering his mouth. He sat too his mind trying to process what was happening. Dawn moved his hand and looked at it seeing a smear of blood where Gabriel's claws had broken the skin. He wiped his now bloody face with a sleeve. 

The End

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