Unknown MagickMature

Lou's magick lit up, his hand shining a deep red. Everyone jumped as the doors slammed behind them. Lou's light flared and jumped away from him, skittering across the floor and landing in a pool of oil in the corner. The flames spread through a shallow gutter that surrounded the huge hall lighting up the room.

Everyone looked up the ceiling arched over fifty feet above them made of the same black stone. Gabriel knelt running his claws across the stone floor. The strange black material didn’t even mark under Gabriel's strong claws, instead it seemed to ripple beneath the surface strange markings flashed up beneath the glassy substance before fading back to black.

“What is this place?” Rossier said quietly. A cold shiver ran through Gabriel as the usually loud daemon spoke he stood and moved to Dawn's side.

“Come on.” Lou said feeling for his limited magick he strode forward towards the back of the hall looking more confident then he felt.


There was a strangeness to the air in the hall not quite a sound and not a feeling either. Gabriel felt himself shiver and Dawn's fingers slid into his clawed hand, the vampyre smiled at him feeling a little relieved that he wasn’t the only one who felt nervous.


A low black altar sat at the very back of the hall looking odd against the plain stone wall .Gabriel frowned looking at the symbols carved into the stone altar, Lou looked at the symbols with an odd expression.

“I don’t know this writing.” He said.

“Nor me.” Sylver said Lou ran his hand gently over the symbols, the altar seemed to shimmer and Lou leapt back as the ripple ran down to the floor Gabriel braced himself as it passed under his feet but the floor stayed solid beneath his booted feet.

“I know those hands anywhere.” A female voice echoed around them they all spun to look behind them but no one was in the hall besides them. The woman’s voice laughed and Gabriel turned back first he jumped and griped Dawn's hand hard.

“Ow.” Dawn snarled looking at the vampyre but Gabriel wasn’t looking at him Dawn looked up at the altar and felt his heart skip a beat.    

The End

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