Doors to the UnknownMature

The group moved down the corridor warily, Gabriel saw scorch marks on the floor and walls he looked up and stopped gazing up at two enormous double doors. The walls around the dark wood were blackened with soot but the wood remained untouched.

On the right one was a demonic crouched figure, detailed feathered wings hung down its back. It faced the figure on the left door an angelic looking male with bat like wings the two figures linked hands where the doors joined. Gabriel felt a slight unease settle over him as he looked at the two figures. Lou came up beside him.

“Beautiful,” he muttered staring at the wood carvings he smiled slightly. “She tried to get in.” he commented seeing the sooty scorch marks around the doors. Lou touched the angelic looking man. Then he pushed it and frowned as the door refused to move. He put his shoulder against the wood and shoved it but still nothing. Balthazar moved forward to help but even with the enormous daemon it didn’t budge.

“Well, that’s that.” Balthazar shrugged “now what?”

“Well,” Lou said slowly as Gabriel leant on the angelic door to take the weight off his feet, he yelped in surprise as the door swung open and he fell backwards. Lou frowned examining the open door as Dawn, while trying not to laugh, helped Gabriel to his feet. Lou pushed the half open door and again it refused to move.

“Sire?” Balthazar said nodding at the other door and at the lightest touch it opened. Balthazar tried the door and he couldn’t move it.

“What on earth?” Morgan asked running her hand over the carved wings.

“Maybe it likes you.” Rossier said to Gabriel, “or something to do with your species?”

“Maybe pure blood?” Berith suggested.

“Can’t be.” Lou said “Gabriel and I were both angels once.”  

“You’re also both the first of your kind.” Sylver said smiling.

“Maybe.” Lou said looking past the doors into the darkness. He moved into the room the others followed slowly. Van Hay gently touched both doors as he passed and they shivered slightly he snatched his hands back and quickly followed the others.


The End

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