An Unexpected VisitorMature

It took them an hour to reach the top of the keep, at the top of the wide stairs they saw a magnificently carved arch a corridor leading down into darkness.

“Well,” a voice sneered “you all certainly took your time.” Lou stepped to the front of the group mentally cringing at is pathetic magick reserves, as Aura stood her leather riding boots making no sound on the stone floor. Dawn gripped Gabriel's wrist tightly stopping the vampyre from moving forward. Aura looked around at the group in front of her. “Lucifer” she smiled “you should be dead.”

“Well it turns out your crap at everything you do.” Lou snarled Aura visibly winced as he swore. Lou flung his hand out, red fire exploded against Aura's clear wall of magick.

“Now then” she smiled widely “there will be a time for all of that. For now I will allow the daemons here to see you. They are so eager to see you all.”

Gabriel gripped Morgan's hand and pulled her behind him not taking his eyes from his mother. Balthazar and Rossier moved sideways to stand near Morgan and Chrys. “do not concern yourself my son” Aura said calmly “the daemons here have their orders, she will be delivered to me alive as will you.”

“Why would they listen to you?” Rossier snarled his magick bristled as his skin darkened to a deep midnight blue.

“They have the promise of Hell and the Underworld once Lucifer and Dawn are dead.” Aura smiled she casually flicked her hand at him and his magick choked and died. Balthazar snarled at her catching Rossier as he collapsed.

“I must say Lucifer, I do not think much of your bodyguards.”

“I don’t need bodyguards,” Lou snarled throwing his hand out again his magick cut through her defences and she screamed in rage and pain as fire caught the side of her face she vanished and Lou yelled in frustration. Dawn moved quickly catching Lou's arms as his fathers skin turned black.

“Not now” Dawn snapped.


Morgan knelt beside Rossier.

“Wake up.” She said firmly tapping the daemons cheek.

“I'm alright.” He muttered his dark eyes opening slowly the whites of his eyes were bloodshot. “How are you?” Morgan smiled.

“fine.” She said standing she offered her hand to help him up.  


The End

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