Up or DownMature

“So we look for a way out of here” Sylver said looking up at the mountain, houses and buildings were carved into the black rock.

“Up or down?” Balthazar asked.

“Down” Gabriel said Dawn nodded.

“No” Lou said “we need to find someone who can tell us where we are so I vote up.”

“Why?” Morgan asked.

“Traditionally the higher the house the higher the status.” Lou said dully.

“Okay” Gabriel said as he watched the black mass on the horizon.



The group walked slowly searching each house, storeroom and dead end alley all made from the same shiny black stone.

“There must be someone here.” Lou growled Gabriel looked up as Rossier emerged from a house nearby he held a scrap of fabric up to the odd grey light pulling a face then he shrugged and dropped it. Dawn started slightly as Gabriel moved catching the scrap before it hit the floor. He carefully spread the fabric out on his palm.

“Gabriel?” Dawn asked seeing Rossier's perplexed expression he moved up behind the vampyre laying a hand on his shoulder, he looked down at the few inches of material on Gabriel's palm. The vampyre suddenly clenched his fist as anger and alarm cut through him.

“Paradises flag.” He muttered.

“What?” Rossier growled.

“Lou,” Dawn shouted gently taking the scrap of silk from Gabriel's hand.

“I know.” Lou said coming over “there's almost a whole one over there.” Sylver stepped back as Lou moved and he saw the flag.

“Well that answers a few questions.” He said coldly.

“What ones?” Morgan asked.

“Well, where mothers been and where everyone here is.” Sylver sighed “anyone who was here is most likely dead.”

Dawn dropped the tiny piece of material and with an arm around Gabriel's shoulders he led the vampyre to the others. Rossier followed his mouth in a tight line any thought of humour gone.


“So now what?” Gabriel asked.

“I'm not sure.” Lou said he chewed his lip for a moment looking up.

“I say we keep going.” Deacon said quietly he shivered feeling the high tension from around him. Sylver gripped his hand and Deacon smiled sadly at him.

“Up or down?” Balthazar asked. Gabriel looked up, they were almost near the top of the mountain.

“Up” he said there must be somewhere to go if not we can fly down.”

“I can’t.” Balthazar said.

“Nor me.” Rossier stated.

“And me.” Berith said.

“We could carry you.” Lou said.

“I don’t think there is a daemon in existence that could carry me.” Balthazar laughed.

“Perhaps not.” Lou smiled. 

The End

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