Heads Won Another Chapter it is.Mature

Lou's fist hit the wall spraying plaster and brick shards over the room, the teleport was gone.

“Are we all here?” Berith shouted over the noise as the others began to talk loudly.

“What happened?” Gabriel snarled at Lou Dawn pulled him back as Balthazar stormed out of the little room taking half of the doorframe with him.


Outside, Sylver did a head count.

“We’re missing Amarantine, Lewis and Allegra.” He said to Lou the telltale black lines writhed over the daemons skin.

“Where are we?” Dawn asked loudly, Lou frowned.

“Quiet.” He roared the group stared at him, suddenly silent. “I don’t know what has happened but we know that we've been split up.”

“Where are we?” Dawn asked again.

“I'm not sure.” Lou said looking out over the strange grey landscape in the far distance on the horizon was a tiny black speck and Lou sighed. “but I can make a guess.”

“Well?” Rossier growled after a moment Balthazar's flat, hug hand laded on the side of his head sending him stumbling into Morgan and Gabriel.

“Rossier shut up.” Balthazar turned to the vampyres, “sorry.” Gabriel nodded once and turned back to Lou.

“I think,” Lou turned to look up at the vast black city that was built into the cliff face, he ran his hands over his hair. “That we are in trouble.” Gabriel growled.

“Well, that’s bloody obvious.” He snarled “where are we?”

“Dynonia Keep.” Lou muttered looking out again he noted that the black speck in the distance was spreading.

“Daemons Run?” Rossier snarled.

“Daemons Run is a myth.” Dawn growled at him.

“Obviously not.” Berith said.

“What is Daemons Run?” Maxwell asked.

“Daemons Run is its nickname.” Lou said. “Dynonia’s ruin is its correct title.”

“It’s where the daemon are sent that have nowhere else to go.” Balthazar muttered his voice still louder than everyone else. “You think we’re bad, this place houses murderers, rapists the lot.” Gabriel and the others just stared at him.

“Dynonia keep was designed to keep them contained.” Lou said “so it’s not all bad.”

“Not to be the bearer of bad news,” Gabriel said “there's no one here.” Lou just stared at the vampyre.

“They abandoned it.” Rossier said looking over the black railing to the walkway below.

“No,” Gabriel said “they didn’t leave.”

The End

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