Portal to the UnknownMature

Gabriel watched as the teleport swirled lazily it flared occasionally as if in anticipation as the group gathered around it.

“Okay,” Lou smiled stepping forward “can we have an advance party to make sure where we land is safe?” Gabriel and Dawn both stepped forward.

“Alright,” Amarantine smiled “if I organize everyone here then we will get through more easily, too many at once can confuse the magick.” Lou nodded.

“Just give us some time to move out of the way.” He said.

“Good luck” Amarantine said as Lou Gabriel and Dawn stepped into the teleport.

Gabriel felt his breath hitch as his body seemed to be squeezed down a thin tube, just as his lungs began to protest, the sensation stopped. He landed heavily on top of Dawn his head hitting the daemons shoulder they both groaned at the same time. Lou landed hard on his hands and knees.

“That was a rough one.” He growled standing up he brushed dust from his hands and lit his palm with deep red fire. Dawn grinned as in his hurry to get up Gabriel had ended up with his legs braced either side of the daemons waist.

“In normal circumstances I wouldn’t mind” Dawn smiled as Gabriel quickly stepped over him, the vampyre growled as he helped Dawn up. They moved just as Balthazar crashed to the floor.

“I did say to wait a moment” Lou growled.

“We did” Balthazar grumbled pulling himself up “we waited around five minutes.”

“Bloody time crap.” Lou swore. “Get ready to get everyone out of the way quickly.

As the others came through one by one Gabriel began to look around the dark storeroom a musty sweet smell made the vampyre gag slightly, he recoiled as he saw maggots crawling over stack of mouldy Hessian bags full of grain. He growled as Dawn backed into him.

“Sorry sweetie,” Dawn said as Rossier moved from the teleport.

“S’alright.” Gabriel muttered sniffing again the room didn’t smell quite right but the room was getting crowded. Lou pulled at the door swearing again as it refused to move, he pulled harder.

“Oops.” He grimaced as he wrenched the door back the lock splintering. The large daemon looked out Dawn moved up beside him and Gabriel saw the younger daemon step back again closing his eyes his mouth moving silently.

“Dawn, what is it?” Gabriel asked

“Nothing.” Dawn said sharply, looking over at him.

“Where are we?” Gabriel asked.

“I'm not sure.” Lou said stepping out into the odd grey sunlight. Gabriel followed him onto the black stone walkway, a black wall skirted the edge. “Is everyone through?” Lou called looking back into the musty storeroom he yelled something unintelligible as the portal begun to shrink.

The End

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