More than Friends?Mature

Lou was waiting for them when they returned

“You two were quick.”

“Humans are suicidal today.” Gabriel said ducking under the half closed shutters, Lou frowned.

“Don’t tell me you killed one.”

“Thousands of them.” Gabriel grinned Lou just looked at him his eyebrows raised.

“It’s not a joke.” Lou growled.

“And I'm not stupid.” Gabriel snapped as Dawn pulled the shutter closed.
“I know that” Lou growled back.

“Then prove it.” Gabriel said walking away he headed to the fire pit. The others weren’t around but there were packed bags and weapons laying around the fire but only Rossier, Balthazar and Amarantine were on the seats. Gabriel sat down heavily Lou and Dawn joined him.

“Is everyone sorted?” Amarantine asked.

“I think so.” Lou said “are you two packed?” he asked warily waiting for an annoyed answer from Gabriel.

“Since we arrived.” Gabriel said.

“Good” Amarantine smiled “I think nine tonight, it gives everyone a chance to make sure they have everything.” Gabriel nodded and lit a cigarette.

“So, when we get to Hell, what then?” Rossier asked a small wisp of fire seemed to jump up as he watched the flames, it twisted itself into a ball and Rossier smiled.

“Rossier.” Lou snapped “save your magick.” The fire ball vanished and Rossier made a huffing sound.

“I'm bored.” He grumbled.

“Find something to amuse yourself.” Dawn said his own cigarette lit he leant back and watched as Rossier grinned at Gabriel. “Don’t. You. Dare.” Dawn snarled Rossier sighed again.

“Where are the others?” Gabriel asked.

“Clearing out the storage units.” Lou said “we don’t want anyone knowing we were here.”


Outside Allegra was folding the sheets from the beds.

“What’s wrong?” Lewis asked as he dragged the last mattress out into the warehouse yard.

“I'm not sure.” Allegra sighed, she looked up at the young vampyre and smiled. “How are you doing?” she stacked the sheet on top of the others. “You know with the feeding and all?” Lewis sat down on his mattress and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Not brilliantly.” He said “I'm not used to hurting people.” Allegra sat down beside him.

“It’ll get easier” she smiled brushing his ashy blond hair from his eyes.

“In a way that’s worse.” Allegra nodded.

“It’s a shame that all of this happened now, you really needed someone to take care of you.” Allegra saw Lewis’ grey eyes look at her closely. “Someone like Sylver?” she added slowly.

“Or Gabriel?” Lewis said looking away from her.

“I don’t think he would, he prefers to feed alone.” Allegra shivered as the chilly air cut through her thin clothes.

“I noticed.” Lewis smiled and wrapped one arm around Allegra, grateful for the warmth she settled her head against his shoulder. “He’s changed so much since he was an angel, his attitude towards Dawn confuses me too.” Lewis nodded. “But it is possible that he's scared, when he's nervous he shouts at things.”

“I would have thought he and Dawn would be together again by now.”

“So did I.” Lewis sighed looking up the stars were only just visible in the dark pink sky. “You never know what Aura did to him though, she could have put an idea in his head we’d never know.”

“No” Allegra agreed, she snuggled down beside the vampyre not minding at all when she put an arm around him too.


The End

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