Father and Son and a Little Advice from a VampyreMature

Gabriel saw Dawn and Lou near the shutters Dawn had one hand on his waist as he and his father spoke in hushed tones.

“Gabriel?” Lou smiled as the vampyre walked over.

“What’s going on?” Gabriel growled.

“Nothing” Lou said lightly.

“That is exactly what I'm talking about.” Dawn snapped Lou turned to speak to him.

“Enough” Gabriel said firmly. “We don’t need a ‘who’s the biggest daemon’ contest between you two.”  Lou started slightly then looked at Dawn.

“You’re right.” He nodded.

“I agree” Dawn said

“So who is in charge?” Lou asked carefully.

“No one” Gabriel snarled “we’re all capable of understanding the situation and inputting where needed, so belt up, both of you.” He turned and walked away.

“He’s got a serious attitude” Lou said “but he's right.” Dawn just looked at him then followed Gabriel.



Gabriel walked swiftly through the streets, Dawn kept pace easily. The daemon was unusually quiet.

“Dawn?” Gabriel said quietly turning into an alley.

“What?” Dawn said dully.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing” Dawn sighed following the vampyre into the darkness. Gabriel turned to look at him a low growl escaped him before he turned to watch for a human to join them. “It’s just that…” Dawn stopped frowning. “I didn’t think he'd treat me like this now.”
“like what?” Gabriel asked, confused.

“Like a kid.” Dawn said “he doesn’t seem to realize that I'm not a child anymore.”

“To him it hasn’t been that long.” Gabriel said quickly squeezing the daemons hand. “He probably doesn’t realize.”

“I wish he would.”  Dawn said hearing footsteps approaching. A middle aged man with sandy hair and a thick coat came into the alley stopping just inside the entrance he reached to unzip his trousers. Gabriel darted forward and the man yelled as the vampyre caught his jacket wrapping a clawed hand around his neck. Dawn turned away as Gabriel covered the mans mouth with his other hand.


“I know, Dawn” Gabriel said a few minutes later as he gently sat the unconscious man against the wall making sure his coat was zipped right up and he wasn’t going to freeze before someone found him. “He thinks he's helping though.”

“Do you like him talking to you like that?” Dawn asked as Gabriel stood.

“You know I don’t,” Gabriel smiled “so I tell him where to stick it. Oh, thanks.”

“For?” Dawn frowned.

“Him, I know he wasn’t intending to come down here, you did that.” Dawn nodded.

“I did” he smiled too.

“If you think Lou's being trivial then tell him” Gabriel shrugged as the blood warmed his face. “He’ll soon realize you're not naïve anymore.”

“Or he’ll think I'm an asshole.” Dawn said Gabriel laughed and it made Dawn snigger.

“Either way it works.” Gabriel said Dawn nodded.

“I suppose.” He agreed.

The End

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