Difference of OpinionMature

The next day passed slowly, Gabriel even thought Dawn's watch had stopped as he kept asking the time. In the end Dawn gave Gabriel his watch as he tried to relax and draw.

“What are you drawing?” Morgan asked as she came in.

“Your dad.” Dawn muttered not looking up.

“What?” Gabriel growled sitting up.

“No,” Dawn said still not looking away from the paper. “You’re not naked, no you're not asleep or anything else you think is embarrassing.” Dawn sighed.

“good.” Gabriel said laying back down.

“Can I ask something?” Morgan asked sitting in the end of Dawn's bed.

“Hm?” Gabriel said his eyes closed again.

“Why aren’t you two a couple yet?” Gabriel sat up sharply and Dawn swore quietly as he snapped the stick of charcoal he held.

“We just aren’t.” the daemon said.

“That’s not a reason.” Morgan smiled “you two suit each other.”
“we used too” Dawn said looking at the vampyre, Gabriel said nothing.

“You still do.” Morgan said “but that’s not I came to ask.”

“Then what?” Gabriel growled his bad mood was evident in his voice as he lay back down.

“I was wondering what's happening,” Morgan said “I mean, we’re going to Hell and Hell’s army is going to war.”

“That’s what's happening.” Dawn frowned wiping charcoal from his fingers.

“But after that.” Morgan said “I'm the heir to the throne, will I have to go?”

“If mother dies we’ll have to find someone. If you don’t want to do it you don’t have too.” Morgan smiled.


Sylver was the ext visitor smiling at Morgan as she looked up from leafing through Dawn's drawings.

“Hey, guys.” Sylver had a sheet of paper in his hand. Gabriel grumbled a grouchy hello.

“Hi” Dawn said he was holding a few drawings to his chest not letting Morgan see them.

“Why can’t I see?” she asked.

“You wouldn’t want too.” Dawn said flushing slightly a small smile on his face “besides I’ll get into trouble with a certain grumpy vampyre.” Sylver rolled his eyes as Gabriel growled not opening his eyes.

“Anyway,” Sylver said “I've drawn up a rota of who feeds and when.”

“What?” Gabriel asked sitting up.

“Safety,” Sylver smiled “you're at six with Dawn and Rossier.”

“Like hell I am.” Gabriel snarled “I’d rather go without.”

“Gabriel,” Sylver said harshly “you need a bit of protection. Luckily for us Morgan doesn’t have to feed but you're being looked for.”

“Then surely fewer is better.” Dawn said Sylver sighed. “I’ll go with him.”

“Alright but tell Lou before you go.”

“Is he in charge now?” Gabriel scoffed

“He seems to be the one who knows what's happening” Sylver shrugged “I don’t like it much but it makes sense.”

“It bloody does not.” Dawn snapped pushing his sketch pad back into his bag. He stormed towards the exit. Sylver flashed a worried look at Gabriel who stood and half-heartedly followed Dawn.

The End

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