Planning and TemperMature

Dawn walked slowly down the stairs holding onto the single handrail, Gabriel moved to walk one step ahead of him watching the daemon carefully.

“Watch where you're going” Dawn grumbled “you'll do yourself an injury.”

“I’ll be fine” Gabriel growled “concentrate on what you're doing.”



Amarantine was speaking to Lou at the fire pit some of the others were milling around.

“Hello boys.” Amarantine said smiling “are you both okay?” Gabriel nodded as Dawn sat down.

“Not bad.” Dawn said Gabriel sat down beside him.

“I was saying to Lou,” Amarantine and Lou sat down too “that I can try and do another teleport or we can go through that one and I can do another from there.”

“Which is easiest?” Dawn asked his head felt like someone had stuffed it with cotton wool.

“The second.” Lou growled.

“But?” Gabriel frowned.

“We don’t know where this one goes.” Lou sighed.

“ah.” Dawn said seeing the issue.

“so I say that we rest up for two more days get any injuries as healed as possible get any magick reserves filled.” Lou suggested.

“What do you expect to find?” Gabriel asked lighting a cigarette.

“Who knows?” Rossier said coming over to them “budge up” he sat down in the small space next to Gabriel who growled and moved closer to Dawn.

“Anything a little more specific?” he snarled trying not to let his annoyance win.

“Well,” Rossier grinned he rested a hand on Gabriel's leg. “There could be elves, kelpies or some weird creature that Lou thought up one night after drinking too much, who knows?”

“Rossier,” Lou said firmly “there are plenty of other seats move now.” He saw Rossier's face fall.

“I like it here.” He said sulkily.
“fine.” Gabriel snapped standing up he moved to a chair.

“Actually it’s not that good, is it?” Rossier stood too and sat down in the seat beside Gabriel. Dawn growled and made to get up but Lou's hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Rossier,” he said calmly. “I know everyone seems to be relaxed but the situation we’re in is very serious.”

“I know.” Rossier said as if Lou stated the obvious.

“Then stop antagonizing everyone.” Lou said.

“I'm not.” The daemon said Lou looked at Gabriel his eyebrows raised, but Gabriel shook his head slightly.

“Fair enough,” Lou frowned at the vampyre. “Don’t forget it.”

“I wont.” Rossier grinned.

“So,” Gabriel said “two days then we’re on the move?” Lou nodded. “Fine, I have some training to catch up with.” Gabriel moved swiftly gripping Rossier collar and cutting off the daemons air. “You have two days to behave or I'm using you as target practise.” He felt Rossier swallow even as the daemon smiled. “Understood?” Rossier nodded as well as he could and Gabriel let go.
“sure.” He said rubbing his neck.

“Excuse me.” Gabriel walked away.

“Well, that told you.” Dawn laughed.

The End

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