Lou's HelpMature

Even the brush of his shirt over his skin hurt as he pulled it off. Lou was sat behind him Gabriel looked at Dawn and the dizzy daemon smiled slightly.

“Wings” Lou said gently putting his hand on the main bone of Gabriel's wing. Gabriel clenched his teeth as the muscles in his back shifted. Lou grimaced at the dark red mark that ran down the vampyres back, touching four of the deep scars that crossed the top of his spine. “alright.” Lou said standing he gripped Gabriel's shoulder, “I might be able to numb this temporarily.”

“How?” Gabriel growled turning to him, Lou sighed.

“I hoped you wouldn’t ask that.” He said “I want to shock your nerve endings, it will hurt but it will numb your back until your natural healing kicks in.” Gabriel looked at him closely.

“Gabriel,” Dawn said quietly. “Come here.” The vampyre sighed again and moved to Dawn.

“This had better work.” Gabriel said Lou smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best.” Dawn gripped the vampyre around the waist and pulled him down to sit on his lap.

“Dawn,” Gabriel growled.

“Just for this.” Dawn said Gabriel closed his eyes not seeing the point in arguing he rested his head on Dawn's shoulder.


Dawn felt Gabriel's grip tighten as Lou worked the daemon smiled as Gabriel's arm gripped his chest. Gabriel could hear the daemons heartbeat and he squeezed his eyes shut trying not to think of what Lou was doing.

“All done.” Lou stood Gabriel stayed still his attention completely occupied on Dawn's heart beat.

“Gabriel?” Dawn said quietly the vampyre looked up and saw Lou holding out a t-shirt for him. Slowly Gabriel stood and for the first time in his memory his shoulders could move without pain, a small smile crept onto his face.

“How do you feel?” Lou asked collecting the bowls of water from the chair beside Dawn’s bed.

“Good” Gabriel smiled “thanks”

“It won’t last for long,” Lou said “but when it heals hopefully we’ll be back in Hell and I can do something properly.” Gabriel nodded.

“How’s your head Dawn?” Gabriel asked.

“Dizzy” Dawn said Lou frowned and put the bowls back down.

“Look at me.” He said gently tilting Dawn's face towards the light. He held up a hand blocking the light then moved it again. “Your pupils aren’t reacting properly. Do you feel sick at all?”

“A bit.” Dawn said.

“You’ve got concussion.” Lou stood “come down to the fire, don’t go to sleep, Gabriel don’t let him walk down those stairs alone.” The vampyre nodded.


The End

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