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In Dawn and Gabriel's room Rossier sat Dawn down as Balthazar looked at Lou's wrist.

“So what went wrong?” Rossier asked as he examined the wound on Dawn's head. Balthazar had bought up three bowls and a full kettle of boiled water.

“Not enough power” Amarantine sighed “I am sorry everyone.”

“Don’t be” Lou growled as Balthazar click his wrist back into place. Lou wriggled his hand making sure it was okay then he carefully took Amarantine's hands. His magick slowly filled some of the power that Amarantine had lost.

“Fair enough” Rossier shrugged Gabriel was sat on the edge of his bed his face pale.

“Gabriel?” Lou stood as Balthazar took over with Amarantine. Lou moved to the bed and sat down.

“I'm fine.” Gabriel said.

“Let me see?” Lou said gently noting that Gabriel's wings, although covering his back, were not touching it.

“I'm fine” Gabriel growled.

“Alright,” Lou said lightly “Balthazar?” the huge daemon looked up from his work. “When you’ve finished could you call Deacon for me?”

“sure.” Balthazar frowned.

“Huh?” Gabriel looked at the daemon suspiciously.

“He’ll tell me how fine you really are.” Lou said firmly. Gabriel stood, the movement was slower than he'd hoped.

“I am fine.” He snarled.

“I'm Lou and I call bullshit.” Lou snapped back, Gabriel moved towards the door.

“Gabriel,” Dawn called “sit down.” Rossier rinsed the cloth and pressed it to Dawn's head again. The big daemon winced and Gabriel sighed glaring at Lou he moved back to the bed. Balthazar let Amarantine's hands drop.

“Thank you.” Amarantine smiled.
“Welcome” Balthazar nodded and looked at Lou. “Do you still want Deacon?” he boomed Lou sighed.

“No” he said “could you take Amarantine get him to bed?" Amarantine stood unaided.

“I can manage.” He smiled “but I will have one of your teas, Balthazar.” The huge daemon grinned.

“Alright.” He nodded. “Did you all want something?”

“Yes, please.” Said Lou as Rossier put the cloth in the bloody water.

“There,” he said “its all but stopped be careful with it.” Dawn nodded and instantly regretted it as his head swam.

“Do you want me to leave?” Rossier asked looking at Gabriel.

“You can give Balthazar a hand.” Lou said gently.

“If I must.” Rossier grumbled pulling a face, he left.

“Now,” Lou said “let me see.” Gabriel sighed realizing that he wouldn’t win. 

The End

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