Magickal MayhemMature

Amarantine knelt down, Lou ushered Dawn and Gabriel away from him.

“It can sometimes be volatile” he explained standing beside them.

Amarantine put one hand out his palm a few inches from the floor and closed his eyes.


“Nothings happening” Dawn whispered a few minutes later.

“Give it time” Lou smiled Gabriel frowned as a thin blue tendril of magick curled from Amarantine's palm it twisted slowly, spiralling into a tiny whirl. Amarantine frowned as the twirling wisp grew, the tight spiral increasing as it turned. Smoke floated up from the magick and Gabriel stepped back as heat washed over them.

“Its okay” Lou said “a lot of energy can make the heat, not always but sometimes.” Amarantine suddenly shivered and groaned in pain as the magick in the air grew further, his other fingers dug into the sandy floor.

“Am?” Lou frowned Dawn started forward but Lou grabbed his shirt and wrenched him back. Lou yelled as he pushed Gabriel and Dawn behind him his hand flew throwing up a wall of red fire. His magick didn’t stop the shockwave that exploded the sand into their faces and sent them flying back into the solid brick wall. Dawn's head cracked back against the brick opening the old injury from Holehallow. Gabriel's wings curled around him protecting him from the blast his back hit the wall, he cried out slumping down as liquid fire seemed to spread down his spine. Lou held his wrist as his stood slowly to see Amarantine around fifty feet away laying on his stomach. Near them a swirling blue disc pulsed gently. Lou ran to Amarantine as Gabriel bent forward his hands flat on the floor his breathing was ragged. Dawn sat up holding the back of his head, blood trickled between his fingers.

“Gabriel?” he said his vision swimming he reached out to the vampyre.

“Don’t.” Gabriel snarled “please don’t” this was softer as the vampyres wings curled protectively around his back.

Lou used his good hand to help Amarantine to his feet, the emaciated daemon was dizzy.

“You did it.” Lou smiled.

“I don’t think I did.” Amarantine grimaced “I don’t think it goes far enough.”


“About halfway.” Amarantine said trying to catch his breath.

“Well, it’s a good start then.” Lou smiled gently he put his good arm around Amarantine's shoulders and helped him to Gabriel and Dawn. “Are you two okay?” he asked seeing Dawn standing one hand holding his head the other holding the wall. Gabriel was knelt still bent forward his blue eyes closed.

“What happened?” Balthazar and Rossier ran to them.

“Nothing” Dawn growled Rossier ducked under his arm helping him to stand without the walls help. Balthazar bent down to Gabriel.

“Need help?” he asked Gabriel looked up awkwardly. Reluctant to get help from the large daemon he sighed and nodded.

“Yeah” he said quietly. Balthazar gripped one of his arms near the shoulder and Gabriel used the support to stand, biting into his lip as his back burned.

“Can we move somewhere a little more private?” Lou asked as the rest of the group hurried towards them.    



The End

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