Theory and TemperMature

“I have a theory.” Raoul said quietly.

“You do?” Gabriel frowned Raoul nodded.

“When you were in Paradise, you managed to completely destroy most of the bones in your hands.” Raoul said Dawn stopped the growl that built as he saw Raoul's eyes travel over Gabriel. “I taped you up so your fingers were in pairs. Like this.” he held up a hand his index and middle fingers were together and his ring and little fingers were paired away from them.

“Why did you do it?” Morgan asked Raoul.

“I was one of the palace healers.” The vampyre smiled sadly, “my mother was Elizabeth Raven, the infirmary matron.”

“Of course you were” Lou smiled feeling a bit daft that he hadn’t recognized the black haired vampyre. “I knew you looked familiar.” Raoul smiled at him.

“I look a bit different now.” He said “but I looked after Gabriel after you disappeared.” He said looking at Dawn.

“I did not disappear” Dawn snarled moving to stand up.

“No, but that’s what everyone thought, that’s what Gabriel thought. Until he didn’t remember anymore.” Raoul said glaring at Dawn.

“How did I do it?” Gabriel asked staring at one clawed hand, the other held Dawn's arm tightly.

“I never knew the details, your mother told me you had hit a wall.” Raoul said sceptically. “The damage you did you must have actually destroyed the wall.”

“It might explain it.” Lou said seeing Gabriel's face drain of colour. “Or it might even be just a template for your species that was rejected, like Dawn's spines in his daemon form. None of the other baser daemons have them.”

“I don’t know” Gabriel muttered “I just know I hate them.”

“Why?” Dawn said forgetting his annoyance with Raoul he settled an arm around Gabriel. “I don’t hate them.”

“Then you have them.” Gabriel growled Dawn smiled.


“Hello.” Amarantine said as he came over the daemon was looking better, his skin was normal his cheeks a pale pink and he was smiling.

“Hey, Am.” Lou said glad of a disruption to the conversation.

“I have some good news.” Amarantine said “I am ready to attempt a teleport.” Gabriel felt his low mood rise a little.

“Alright.” Lou grinned standing up.

“I will try and do it alone but I would like you, Dawn and possibly Gabriel to be there.”

“Shall we leave?” Morgan asked.

“I do not wish to risk draining your magick.” Amarantine said “not in your condition.”

“For gods sake.” Morgan snapped “does everyone know now?” she stormed away from them Amarantine stood, stunned, staring after her.

“Hormones, Am” Lou smiled “don’t worry.”

“I’ll see if she's okay.” Raoul smiled hurrying after her.


The End

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