Gabriel's ContemplationMature

“Gabriel?” Dawn called the vampyre pulled a towel around himself. He flicked the lock back on the door and walked away, cautiously Dawn opened the door.

“Can I come in?” Dawn asked.
“sure.” Gabriel said Dawn locked the door again.

“So no one bursts in.” Dawn smiled but the vampyre wasn’t looking at him instead his blue eyes were fixed on the cracked tiles on the floor. Dawn sat beside him on the edge of the bath. “here.” He said holding out Gabriel's clothes. The vampyre pulled the t-shirt on first not removing the towel. Then wriggled the trousers on beneath the towel then pulled it off fully dressed. “That was impressive.” Dawn laughed. Gabriel shrugged as the daemon took the towel wrapping it around Gabriel's shoulders and untucking the sopping wet braid he untied it carefully. From his back pocket he pulled Gabriel's brush out and the vampyre felt himself relax a little as Dawn began the long task of brushing his hair. “Feeling better?” Dawn asked after a moment.

“Sort of.” Gabriel twisted slightly. “I was never nice to you, was I?”

“What?” Dawn frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“I was always shouting or angry with you.” Gabriel said pulling at the loose threads on the towel around his shoulders. Dawn put the brush down and gently pulled Gabriel back so the vampyre lay against him.

“You are you, sweetie. That’s all care about.” Dawn said quietly into Gabriel's ear. “I wouldn’t have you any other way.” Gabriel snorted.

“It doesn’t change the fact.”

“It’s not a fact” Dawn smiled “you're not shouting now. You weren’t in Holehallow either. Well not much anyway.” Gabriel shivered as Dawn's breath tickled his neck. A shock passed through the vampyre as Dawn kissed his neck just under his ear. He sat bolt upright and only because of the daemons grip on his did he just manage to stop himself falling backwards into the bath.

“Dawn” Gabriel growled.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it.” Dawn smiled Gabriel stood looking at him. “do you mind me being like this?” Gabriel turned away running his hands over his hair.

“I don’t know, Dawn.” He sighed “I really don’t know.”

“Then I’ll let you make the next move.” Dawn said “now, come here let me finish your hair.”

“I can do it.” Gabriel said.

“I know.” Dawn said pulling the vampyre back down to sit beside him. He made a quick job of braiding Gabriel's hair, then he stopped and looked at the piece of leather that tied it. “Where did the rest of this go?”

“I traded it,” Gabriel said turning to see what Dawn was talking about. “For my axes.”

“They made something?” Dawn asked casually tying the end of the long braid. “What did they make?”

“A broadsword.” Gabriel said picking his clothes up from the floor, Dawn felt the handle of the sword at his waist.
“Did it have a leather handle?” Gabriel looked at Dawn with a questioning frown and noticed the daemons fingers playing over the leather bound handle.

“yes.” He said slowly.

“Lou bought it for me,” Dawn laughed “how strange.”


Over the next day Gabriel thought carefully about Dawn as he practised with the two hand axes. Soon Morgan joined him throwing her own troubles into her own twin swords. Gabriel soon felt his arms begin to ache and he growled forcing hismlef to carry on.

“Gabriel?” Morgan called after a few hours as she sat down. The vampyre didn’t reply instead he carried on repeating the moves he was practising.

“Hey.” Lou smiled sitting down beside her Raoul joined them too.

“He’s not bad.” The vampyre smiled watching Gabriel closely.

Gabriel moved automatically as a sword came up near him, his left axe struck the metal of Dawn's blade as the daemon smiled. Gabriel stopped, glaring at Dawn and breathing hard.

“Enough” Dawn said gently “you’ve been going for hours, take a break.” Gabriel nodded and moved tucking the axes into his belt he sat down beside Lou wiping his forehead on the back of his hand. Dawn smiled and sat beside him.

“Gabriel?” Lou said “can I ask, why weapons you have claws.”

“I know” Gabriel growled.

“He thinks they're an unfair advantage.” Dawn said Lou carefully took Gabriel's hand examining the three long claws.

“I wonder why you have them at all.” He pondered aloud



The End

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