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Tairas spoke slowly and quietly Lou and the others listened intently until Dawn stood quickly and walked away. Tairas had reached the time when they had discover Amelia.

“Did she go back to the Underworld?” Lou asked standing up.

“I am unsure,” Tairas said “Dawn made her disappear.” Lou sighed looking at Dawn who stood, his back to them, in the kitchen. Lou's hand rose to the back of his neck and Morgan sniffed. Awkwardly Balthazar gently patted her shoulder and she smiled through her tears at him.

“I'm sorry.” She sniffed, Deacon handed her a crumpled but clean tissue his own face sad.

“There is a possibility” Lou said quietly “that she may be alive. Can we hold it there for a moment?” Tairas nodded once and watched Lou move to the Dawn who was waiting for the microwave to finish, his knuckles were white as he gripped the coffee he held in his hand. “Dawn?” Lou said gently.

“I'm alright.” Dawn said tersely, Lou nodded.

“Get some rest.” Lou smiled “if that is for Gabriel, he's up there.” Lou pointed to the top of the storage containers.

“What?” Dawn frowned.

“I think he wants some peace.” Lou said “go and make sure he's okay.” Dawn nodded.


“Gabriel?” Dawn called dully from the top of the stairs he heard a scraping sound and Gabriel looked over the edge.

“What?” he muttered. Dawn lifted the mugs up.

“Take these, I can’t climb and carry them.” Gabriel sighed and reached down taking one mug at a time and resting it on the metal roof. Dawn climbed up using the hand rail on the stairs to boost himself up.

“thanks.” Gabriel said his clawed hands wrapped around the hot mug.

“That’s okay” Dawn said laying down his own mug beside him.

“Didn’t you want to stay?” Gabriel asked.

“No, the conversations a little raw at the moment.” Dawn said Gabriel nodded.

“I don’t remember much” he said.

“They’re talking about Amelia.”

“That’s one bit I remember a little too well.” Gabriel sighed Dawn sat up and rested an arm around Gabriel's shoulder the vampyre smiled sadly and rested his head on Dawn's shoulder.


That evening the group was quiet, all of them sad or feeling a little lost. Even Rossier was quiet as he carefully patched the jeans that Gabriel had torn after Allegra had helped him get the bloodstains out of them. Tairas had started work on Lou's chess set. Gabriel sat thoughtfully staring into the fire that burned in a huge metal dish at the centre of the group beside him Dawn sketched absently. Sylver, Berith and Maxwell all had books in their hands. Nearby Lou was with the others trying to teach them to meditate. As the flames burned lower Gabriel's mind wandered his eyes glazing over. Sylver sat with his legs crossed near Lou and he felt his mind drift away his body going numb.


Gabriel opened his eyes to see the tiled sunburst on the floor of Auras throne room he passed across the hall ignored by the cleaners and servants that hurried through. He frowned and followed one woman out of the door into the corridor and walked straight past a group of angels ‘obviously upper class’ he thought looking at their richly made clothes. They were talking but Gabriel heard nothing as like a ghost he passed them.  He quickly moved down hallways and corridors finding himself quickly entering his own room.

He frowned as he saw an angel sat on the bed another angel stood in front of him and Gabriel frowned surprised to see a much younger Dawn, beside him stood Lou definitely still a daemon. Gabriel moved and froze as he saw himself sat on the bed, white feathered wings and a pristine black uniform with gold strips along the seams. Gabriel noticed that the angel Gabriel seemed to be angry. His blue eyes flashed as he shouted silently. The angel Dawn sighed and walked away his back turned to the angel on the bed.

“Gabriel” he said turning back, Gabriel frowned he heard it clearly but the angel Dawn's mouth didn’t seem to move. “Gabriel” he said again and again his mouth stayed shut.

“Gabriel?” a female voice said gently as the angel Gabriel stood moving to Dawn.

“Gabriel” Dawn said again.

The vampyre flinched his eyes clearing, sweat poured down his face and back. Dawn's hand gently rested between his wings. Morgan was knelt in front of him her hand on his knee.

“What?” he growled.

“Take it easy.” Lou said joining them as he led a pale, sweating Sylver to a chair.

“What happened?” Dawn asked gently, Gabriel stood stepping around Morgan he stopped as his head swam. Dawn caught his arm as he swayed.

“Gabriel,” Lou said firmly “sit down.”

“I'm going for a bath.” Gabriel growled his shirt was stuck to his skin, Dawn's grip on his arm tightened “let go” Gabriel snarled.

“Gabriel, give your mind a chance to realize what's happening.” Lou said.

“It knows.” Gabriel snapped “Its back in this shithole with everyone staring at me or Sylver.” He wrenched away from Dawn moving towards the office where Amarantine slept, beyond that was the bathroom. Dawn followed slowly keeping his distance as Gabriel turned as he reached the bathroom and slammed the door in Dawn's face.

“I'm here if you need me.” Dawn called through the door.

“Whatever” Gabriel muttered running the water.

“Did you want some clean clothes?” Dawn asked Gabriel sighed as he stripped his sweat soaked clothes off.

“Yes,” he replied “please.”

“Anything specific?”

“No” Gabriel said sitting in the warm water he smiled slightly.

The End

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