Passing the TimeMature

Gabriel joined the small group that were already awake, Amarantine was with them his movements were a little laboured but his eyes were bright and he smiled as he saw Gabriel.

“Good morning.” He said “there is a blood supply in the fridge.” He pointed to the kitchen where Balthazar stood leaning against the single worktop. What looked like a bucket of coffee was held between his large hands and his hair stuck up in all directions.

“Hey” Gabriel said the giant grunted a good morning and promptly yawned. Gabriel filled a mug with one of the medical bags from the fridge then stared blankly at the microwave.

“Uh?” he frowned he pushed a big button and started as the door swung open. Balthazar watched with a small smile as Gabriel put his mug in and closed the door then frowned at the little machine.

“Want some help?” Balthazar smiled as Gabriel's claws hovered just in front of the buttons.

“I don’t do machines” Gabriel growled.

“No?” Balthazar grinned “push that one, that one and then the green one.” He explained as he programmed the timer the microwave buzzed to life and Gabriel frowned at it again.

“How does it work?” he asked Balthazar laughed.

“Don’t ask me.” He shrugged “I just know it can feed me when an oven or a takeaways not available.” Gabriel looked up at him the large daemon seemed different.

“Did I crack your head in Holehallow?” he asked Balthazar's deep laugh shook the floor.

“You did” he grinned “not hard though.” Gabriel could still see the jagged black line around the daemons throat, a shadow of his broken neck. He thought for a moment then as the bell on the microwave sounded he stuck out his hand. Balthazar looked at him curiously then smiled slightly taking the clawed hand in his own shovel like one.

“I still want a rematch though.” Gabriel said taking his mug from the microwave.

“Fair enough.” Balthazar laughed.


Dawn wandered from the bathroom his wet hair plastered back, he smiled as he saw Gabriel sat beside Amarantine. On the couch beside him was Berith. Balthazar was stood in the little kitchen and Rossier sat on the floor beside the fire.

“Where is everyone?” Dawn asked sitting down.

“no idea.” Rossier looked up.

“I know that Lucifer and young Tairas are over there.” Amarantine said pointing to the end of the warehouse. Dawn looked and in the dim light he saw Tairas and Lou sat beside each other, he could just feel the magick in the air.

“Meditation?” he growled.

“You should try it.” Amarantine said “I will help your magick levels.”

“I never got into it.” Dawn shrugged sitting down he accepted an unexpected coffee from Balthazar. “thanks.” He smiled questioningly at the large daemon, who shrugged. “My mind always wandered.” He finished as Balthazar sat down.

“How about you, young prince?” Amarantine smiled. Gabriel took a moment to realize that Amarantine spoke to him.

“I'm not a prince.” He growled.

“Of course you are.” Amarantine argued lightly Gabriel didn’t reply.

“You’re entitled to be on the throne more than Aura is.” Berith said firmly.

“No” Gabriel said simply glaring at her, silently Dawn agreed.

“You couldn’t run Paradise.” Dawn said “or I’d never see you again.”

“Huh?” Gabriel frowned.

“I wouldn’t move back there for anything, not even you.” Dawn smiled.

“Besides the fact, that daemons don’t last long up there.” Lou said coming to join them the ever quiet Tairas at his side.

“They don’t?” Morgan asked joining the group with a hot chocolate in her hand.

“No” Lou said “the daemon form is suppressed up there, its possible to bring it out but takes a lot of power. But it means that a daemons magick doesn’t work properly.” Lou watched Gabriel light a cigarette and pass his packet to Dawn. “The magick warps and then the daemon, isn’t a daemon any more but not an angel either.”

“Then what are they?” Morgan asked fascination evident on her face.

“A shell” Lou smiled “no workable magick and no longer a daemon, I've seen it once, a long time ago.” He looked sad for a moment. “No daemon lasts more than a few years.” Morgan sat back thinking about this.

“So how could Aura have kept me there?” she asked.

“I assume she was banking on the change.” Lou smiled “you would have been malleable and easy to turn to her will.” Lou looked at Morgan closely then his eyes moved to Gabriel. “You know I only have Dawn's account of what happened up there.”

“You want us to ‘fill you in’ as it were?” Tairas said pulling a knife and a half carved piece of wood from his bag.

“I’d love you too.” Lou smiled at him “also I’d like to commission a new chess set from you if that alright.” Tairas flashed a rare smile at the daemon.

“Certainly.” Tairas nodded. Gabriel stood and turned to leave.

“Gabriel,” Lou said “I wouldn’t mind hearing your version of events too.” Gabriel looked at him for a moment before heading to the kitchen. He put his mug in the small sink and turned the hot tap on. Turning he almost bumped into Lou who had followed him.

“Was it really that bad?” Lou asked gently even though he knew most of the story, he wanted Gabriel to tell him.

“If it was,” Gabriel growled shutting the tap off. “I don’t remember most of it.”

“Your memories will fix themselves.” Lou smiled.

“Well when they do I’ll tell you.” Gabriel said shortly, walking away.



The End

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