A Little More Knowledge for Gabriel, Dawn and LouMature

There were eight shipping containers stacked in twos, a moveable set of stairs to each top one.

“Where are you sleeping, Am?” 

“Just in there” Amarantine pointed at a small room that had once served as the office for the warehouse.

“I assume we’re sharing?” Gabriel said.

“Is that a problem?” Amarantine asked “they all have separate beds.” Gabriel smiled.

“Its fine” he said not voicing the fact that he'd got used to having Dawn around.

Dawn padded barefoot up to the door and saw Gabriel already asleep in the single bed. Dawn smiled and set his coffee down on the wooden chair beside the empty bed that was his. He moved quietly to Gabriel and pulled the covers up further tucking the edges around the vampyre. Gabriel muttered something in his sleep and opened his eyes.

“Go back to sleep, sweetie.” Dawn said quietly “we’re safe for a while.”

“Are we?” Gabriel asked sleepily, Dawn smiled and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Lou has asked Berith and Allegra to set up separate protection circles and Balthazar has offered to do a secrecy barrier so no one notices we’re here.” Gabriel smiled tiredly and Dawn ran a hand over the vampyres damp hair.

“Did you manage to wash it?” he asked.

“Just about.” Gabriel said “do you know what a pain it is to wash long hair in a bath?”

“I don’t,” Dawn smiled “but I can imagine.”

“Don’t imagine me in the bath Dawn.” Gabriel scolded and laughed at the same time. Dawn smiled

“I wouldn’t dare.” He said.

“I used to like baths” Gabriel frowned his eyes slightly glassy. “I don’t know why I don’t now.” He stopped “these memories are getting irritating.”

“Don’t you want them?”

“I do but preferably in more then a two second flash that vanishes when I try and remember more.”

“It will happen, sweetheart.” Dawn said pulling the damp braid from under the vampyre carefully.

“I know” Gabriel shifted under the thin duvet as Dawn tugged his hair. “But I'm crap at waiting.”

“Me too” Dawn laughed softly.

“anyway.” Gabriel yawned “goodnight”

“Goodnight, sweetie.” Dawn said leaning down he kissed Gabriel's forehead. Gabriel caught hold of the back of his neck and pulled him into an awkward sideways hug. Dawn laughed as he wrapped his arms around the vampyre as best as he could.

“What’s this for?” he asked.
“Because” Gabriel said quietly

“Because, what?” Dawn smiled burying is face against the side of Gabriel's neck.

“Because I felt like it.” Gabriel said as Dawn sat up reluctantly as his back complained against the strange way it was twisted.

“I wish you'd feel like it more often.” Dawn smiled. “I love you.” He waited for the usual growl or frown that followed.

“I know you do, Dawn” Gabriel smiled closing his eyes. “I know.”


Gabriel stretched and opened his eyes sitting up he rubbed his face automatically keeping his claws away from his skin.

“Good morning.” Lou said cheerfully Dawn winced as Gabriel growled turning his back on the daemons.

“hey.” He grumbled.

“morning.” Dawn sighed in relief as the vampyre turned to look at them.

“What’s wrong?” Lou asked his son.

“I'm always wary of a certain vampyre in the mornings.” Dawn smiled.

“Piss off.” Gabriel yawned with a small smile on is face.

“He can’t be that bad in the mornings.” Lou laughed Dawn looked sceptical.

“I can” Gabriel said unbraiding his still damp hair and pulling a brush from his bag.

“Don’t you remember mornings in Paradise?” Dawn asked Lou.

“Ah,” Lou smiled “the joys of old age.” Gabriel froze staring at them a look of perturbed shock on his face.

“Gabriel?” Dawn stood unsure about the odd look.

 “You two are weird.” Gabriel said

“What?” Lou asked worriedly.

“You are older than your own dad.” Gabriel said looking at Dawn.

“I see” Lou laughed properly “not true though. I was already old when Dawn came along.”

“So you just closed the gap?”

“What are you two talking about?” Dawn frowned.

“Dawn, sit down.” Lou said calmly “what Gabriel means is that it’s only been twenty years since I died. You are a few hundred years older than that because of where you were.”

“Oh,” Dawn sighed with relief “I wondered what the hell you two were on about.”

“And it’s more than a few hundred years.” Gabriel said tugging knots from his hair again.

“Really?” Lou smiled.
“about nine hundred.” Dawn sniffed.

“So you are pretty close to me now then.” Lou said as Dawn watched Gabriel braid his hair again. “You’re not a child anymore.” Lou's voice was almost sad.

“No” Dawn said smiling at his father. Gabriel flexed his wings slightly then mentally shrugging pulled his hoodie off. Lou smiled, happy that Gabriel was comfortable enough to show his scarred skin. He looked up at the vampyre quickly double taking the smile dropped from his face.

“What?” Gabriel growled seeing Lou staring at him, he quickly pulled a t-shirt on.

“I'm sorry.” Lou said standing. Gabriel couldn’t help the shame that washed over him as Lou moved towards him. “I had no idea that they were that bad.”

“Don’t.” Gabriel snarled “just don’t.”

“Gabriel,” Dawn said joining them “Lou might be able to help.”

“Can I see?” Lou asked keeping his voice low knowing that Gabriel was on the defence.

“What can you do?” Gabriel growled.

“I can try.” Lou said gently. Gabriel sighed closing his eyes, Dawn moved to him.

“Please?” he said quietly laying his hands on Gabriel's cheeks.

“you can look” Gabriel exaggerated the last word “don’t touch”

"okay” Lou nodded, reluctantly Gabriel pulled his shirt off again. Dawn rested his arms around Gabriel's shoulders as Lou knelt behind him, Dawn felt the vampyres shoulders tense.

Lou saw over fifty deep scars crisscrossing over Gabriel's back and shoulders more covered his chest and stomach Lou stood turning away. The daemon ran a hand over his face, trying to keep his temper.

“Bitch” he whispered his voice shaking. “Gabriel” he said turning back as Dawn settled a shirt over Gabriel's shoulders.

“What?” Gabriel said his voice was surprisingly soft.

“I should be able to help I will help the worst ones first.” Lou sighed “it’s a lot of work but I promise I will help.” Lou tried to keep the fury from his voice he smiled sadly. “You must be in a lot of pain.” Gabriel shrugged slightly pulling on the shirt he realized it was one of Dawn's as it hung off his small frame.

“I'm used to it.” He said trying to sound nonchalant.

“What do they feel like?” Lou asked Gabriel frowned at the question. “The big one on your shoulder, what does it feel like?”

“Pins and needles.” Gabriel said.

“You mean like when you sit on your foot for too long or…” Lou stopped as Gabriel shook his head. “Like someone’s sticking you with pins and needles.” Gabriel nodded and Dawn turned away.

“You’ve got nerve damage.” Lou stated “I remember that one, it broke your collarbone.” Gabriel nodded and looked up realizing that Dawn had moved away.

“Dawn?” he frowned.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I didn’t know you.”

“And now?” Dawn asked.

“Now you know.” Gabriel said. Lou moved quickly as Dawn's eyes turned black,

“Dawn,” he said firmly “cool off.” Dawn moved past him to Gabriel and raised his arms to hug him but stopped his eyes changing to brown again his arms dropped.

“Don’t start treating me like precious china.” Gabriel growled.

“But…” Dawn sighed Gabriel moved closing the gap he hugged Dawn first the daemon laughed and put his own arms around Gabriel. Lou smiled at them both.

“You can't treat Gabriel any differently and Gabriel can’t treat you any differently because of your problems you're both the same as you were just with a little more knowledge about the other.” Dawn nodded his face buried against Gabriel's hair.

“So” Gabriel said “can you help?”

“When we get to Hell.” Lou nodded “I've not got the power at the moment, when I do I will help.” Gabriel smiled and Dawn hugged him tighter.

“Dawn” Gabriel growled.

“Sorry” Dawn let go “did I hurt…”

“Don’t start that crap.” Gabriel snapped “no you didn’t but I do need to breathe” Lou and Dawn both laughed “and I need to get dressed, so out both of you.”




The End

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