Magick and PlansMature

Dawn felt magick rise in the air, he smiled smelling the ozone that Gabriel's power created, Lou grew pale quickly.

“Gabriel, go a little faster.” Dawn prompted the vampyre nodded and Dawn saw Lou flinch the colour quickly returning to his face. Amarantine's grip grew tighter his long fingers tightening around Dawn’s hand.

“Stop” Amarantine snarled Lou snatched his hand back, a flash of lightning lit the air between them. Gabriel hissed as some of his own magick, mixed with Lou's was forced back up his arm.
“You have a lot of power.” Lou said flexing his fingers and looking at Gabriel curiously. Amarantine's skin colour had returned to normal, he was still painfully thin but his dark, intelligent eyes looked at Gabriel.

“Was it enough?” Gabriel asked Lou closed his eyes swaying slightly.

“Yes,” Amarantine said “for now at least, its enough for me to get some food into my system.” Lou nodded and stood cautiously. “Thank you.” Amarantine smiled and Gabriel happily noticed the shadow of the handsome face he remembered.  

“What now?” Gabriel asked.

“Well,” Amarantine said thoughtfully. He slowly used his slim arms to push himself from his chair his thin limbs shook with the effort. Dawn held out a hand to him but Amarantine shook his head. “Thank you Dawn, but I am more than used to this it is better for me to do it myself.” Dawn nodded and lowered his arm.

“Am, you can’t open a teleport like this.” Lou said “I definitely can’t.”

“No” Amarantine agreed “that is why I have set this place up to keep everyone comfortable for a few days.”

“What?” Gabriel couldn’t help the cry of disappointment.

“Shipping containers, young Gabriel.” Amarantine smiled “you all have the basic furnished rooms to stay for a short time. Between Lou and I we should be able to open a teleport by then”

“What about you?” Gabriel asked Dawn.

“I know the theory, I have the power…” Dawn stopped “I've never managed one.”

“oh.” Gabriel sighed.

“Is there an issue?” Amarantine said.

“Lack of permanent lodgings.” Gabriel growled.

“I can understand.” Amarantine said “you have all been through so much, you want somewhere safe.” Gabriel nodded as Dawn put an arm around him. “we will get you…”

“Don’t promise me my home” Gabriel growled Amarantine smiled.

“I would not.” He said “we will find you a place though.” Lou nodded.

“A place that’s yours.” He agreed. “But as I've said you are welcome to stay with me for as long as you wish.”

“Thanks” Gabriel muttered trying a smile he knew the daemon was trying to help.

“And how about you Dawn?” Lou smiled knowingly. “Where is home for you now?” Dawn scuffed his foot in the sand, biting his lip. “I will take over the Underworld not replacing you but helping, as long as you visit me.” Dawn looked up in surprise and Lou hugged his son tightly.

“Thank you” he smiled gratefully.

“You seem to have more pressing commitments now.” Lou said looking at Gabriel.

“Huh?” the vampyre frowned Amarantine laughed gently. “Don’t you want the Underworld anymore?”

“I do” Dawn said “but I've already told you that its not my home anymore.”

“You did tell me that.” Gabriel said.

“Well,” Lou laughed “I think I need coffee, a bath and a bed that’s not in a tree.”

“Sounds good.” Gabriel nodded.

The End

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