They went down a dark alley the only light split from a half open shutter that led into a warehouse. Sylver stood outside waiting for them.

“I thought something had happened.” He cried putting his arms around Gabriel then Maxwell, Tairas and Morgan. Even Dawn got a hug and the large daemon smiled.

“We’re all fine.” He laughed.

“You’ve been ages.” Sylver scolded ushering them inside he pulled the shutter closed behind them.

Gabriel's eyes took a moment to adjust, he saw a huge warehouse both ends were dark. Near them Balthazar and the rest of the other group sat around a large fire pit in the sandy floor. Berith waved at them and Gabriel froze as his eyes moved. Beside Berith sat Amarantine his skin was grey and sunken his lips a light purple-blue.
“Am” Lou sighed setting Rossier down the usually loud daemon didn’t complain as Lou moved to Amarantine and knelt beside the chair.

“So it is true.” Amarantine's voice was barely a whisper, his thin arm raised slowly, his fingers brushed Lou's cheek. “You are alive.”

“What happened to you?” Lou said gently “look at you.” He said sadly.

“I just left it a little too long.” Amarantine coughed, a dry, hacking sound and he pressed a handkerchief to his mouth.

“Where’s Cassidy?” Lou growled “I’ll skin him if he's left you.”

“I told him to go” Amarantine said firmly “he needed to be with his own people”

“You needed him too.” Dawn said moving to sit in Berith's chair as the daemon moved to give him space. Amarantine smiled tiredly.

“I thought Abraham would be there.” He said.

“He would have been” Lou said.

“Who?” Dawn frowned.
“Van Hay,” Lou explained “he hates being called Abraham.”

“He was not there.” Amarantine coughed again.

“No,” Lou said feeling a little guilty. “He was helping Dawn on my orders.”

“Then it is fine.” Amarantine smiled.

“Oh, Am” Lou said gently holding his almost skeletal hand.

“I have beds set up for you all.” Amarantine said frowning at the sound of pity in Lou's voice. “Leonard helped me here before he met you.” Lou nodded.

“alright.” He said.

“It failed?” Amarantine sighed “Holehallow?” Dawn nodded at him.

“Something definitely went wrong, yes.” Dawn said Amarantine's face twisted.

“Is everyone okay?” he asked “is anyone hurt?”

“We’re all a little run down.” Lou said.
“We’re out now though.” Deacon smiled as much as he could he could feel the pain and sickness that pounded at Amarantine's frail form. Gabriel caught Rossier as he tried to lower himself to the floor and overbalanced, Gabriel set him down gently.

“So those claws can be gentle.” Rossier smiled wincing slightly. Dawn glared at the injured daemon.

“Am” Lou said “lets get you somewhere a little more private and we can see what we can do with you.”

“There is food and drink and a working bath at the end.” Amarantine said pointing to one end of the warehouse. “Lou,” the daemon moved closer to Amarantine, “please, do not move me.” Lou nodded and stood up.

“Alright, everyone go and get what you need food, bath, bed or whatever, no arguing.”

Berith and Balthazar lifted Rossier to his feet, the injured daemon glared at his brother as the group moved away leaving Amarantine, Lou, Dawn and Gabriel around the fire.

“Dawn do you have much magick?” Lou asked but Dawn shook his head. “what did you want, Gabriel?”

“I can help” Gabriel growled moving to Amarantine.

“How?” Lou sighed.
“I have magick” Gabriel said “you don’t.”

“I have a little” Lou snapped.

“Enough to sort out this mess?” Gabriel snarled “no offence Amarantine.” He added but the emaciated creature in the chair was laughing silently.

“I do not mind if Gabriel wishes to stay.” He said still smiling. “or Dawn”

“Okay” Lou said kneeling again he took Amarantine's hand “Gabriel,” he held out his other hand “I do need magick but more slowly this time, don’t force it your magick is harsh and I can’t process it quickly.”

“Okay” Gabriel nodded taking Lou's large hand.

“Do you need me?” Dawn asked feeling a little left out again.

“Yes” Lou smiled “take a seat, hold Amarantine's hand and make sure no one passes out.”









The End

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