Allies and AdmissionsMature

“Everyone” Lou said keeping his voice low “this is Leonard.” Most of the group nodded their greeting, wary of the stranger. Gabriel, however, didn’t move, a power exuded from the stranger and he didn’t like it.

“That one doesn’t like me.” Leonard’s voice was soft sounding unused but also sounding as if he was smiling.

“Gabriel, doesn’t like anyone.” Maxwell stood up before his brother could kick him.

“Gabriel?” Leonard asked “Gabriel Black-Lightning?”

“So?” Gabriel growled.

“My apologies, you have become like legend in Hell, you're real enough though.”

“Of course I'm real.” Gabriel snapped Dawn's arm tightened around his waist.

“Gabriel,” Lou said firmly. “Leonard is my friend.” Gabriel's blue eyes moved to Lou.

“Well, he's not mine, I trust no one who covers their eyes so I can’t see them.”

“I agree” Leonard said stopping Lou's curt reply. "Know your enemy and your allies" Leonard smiled he moved looking around above them a security camera popped and fizzed smoke pouring from the little machine. Leonard raised gloved hands and pulled his hood down. A pair of grey eyes looked at Gabriel, his white skin almost reflected the streetlights but what caught everyone’s attention were three black, ridged horns running neatly back over the grey hair, curling up a few inches behind his head.

“Better.” Gabriel nodded Leonard smiled.

“I'm glad but you see my need for secrecy on this plane?”

“Yeah,” Gabriel said. Leonard looked at Morgan as she sat down. “Morgan?” Gabriel frowned.

“I'm fine” she said “just tired.”

“Then we should go,” Lou said “we've been here to long.” He pulled a note from his pocket and handed it to Leonard. “Your orders.” He smiled Leonard bowed his head. “You’re in charge.” Lou added.

“As you wish” Leonard nodded and with a smile at Gabriel pulled his hood up again

“Are you safe getting back?” Lou asked the hooded daemon.

“I am, my lord.” Leonard smiled. “be safe on yours too.” The horned daemon walked away.

“Who was that?” Morgan asked.

“Leonard Hawkins.” Lou said “one of my lieutenants”

“Lieutenants?” Maxwell frowned as the group started moving again.

“My army is on the move.” Lou said.

“War.” Gabriel muttered distastefully.

“What war?” Morgan snapped.

“Aura.” Lou sighed “she won’t give up now, her own armies are getting ready to move.”

“We…” Gabriel started. “No…they” he corrected “have more than you think.”

“I know” Lou said understanding Gabriel's mistake.

“Paradise’s army is small.” Maxwell frowned.

“No” Lou growled “there is at least ten thousand that we know of.”

“It wasn’t that big.” Raoul spoke up Gabriel looked at the floor as he moved.

“Gabriel?” Dawn frowned seeing the vampyre turn pale.

“It was.” He said quietly. The others all turned to look at him. “I made it that big.”

“What?” Maxwell stared at him. “Why?” Gabriel glared at him his temper rising.

“Because I didn't know we’d ever be on opposite sides, did I Maxwell?” he shouted.

“No one could have known.” Lou said resting a gentle hand on Gabriel's shoulder.

“Everyone knew there was over two thousand but no one knew the number.” Gabriel lit a cigarette. “Then anyone wanting to challenge them would be unsure what they were up against.”

“It’s not your fault.” Morgan said taking Gabriel's hand.

“I know” he said but he didn’t look up at her. Dawn sighed as they turned down a side street, vaguely he'd known the army was large but not the exact number.

“Can we stop?” Rossier called after around fifteen minutes. His hands were pressed to his leg as blood soaked through the denim. Lou walked back through the group to him and Gabriel looked away.

“Don’t.” Dawn whispered.

“Don’t what?” the vampyre growled.

“Blame yourself.” Dawn said putting one arm around Gabriel's shoulders.

“I can’t help it.” Gabriel growled as Lou strode past them with a pale but grinning Rossier in his arms.






The End

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