Meetings and Eatings in BrightonMature

Brighton city streets were empty when they arrived Dawn changed his watch by a few minutes to match the one on a shop near them.
“We should feed while we’re here.” Maxwell said.

“I agree.” Sylver nodded.

“Okay” Lou thought for a moment. “Can you all pair up and find something.” Gabriel sighed

“I’ll go with you sweetie.” Dawn smiled “I wont watch.” He added as Gabriel glared at him.

“Back in an hour?” Lou said “try and leave them alive, we don’t want any unwanted attention.”


Gabriel saw sawn turn as he gently set the unconscious human down making sure he was well covered with his coat.

“Dawn,” Gabriel said the daemon turned to look at him.

“You made a mess.” Dawn smiled pulling a handkerchief from his pocket and handing it to the vampyre.

“He wouldn’t stay still” Gabriel grumbled wiping his hands.
“You can’t really blame them” Dawn laughed “I wouldn’t want to lay back and accept it, unless you were the one doing it.” He grinned.

“Even then you whine.” Gabriel smiled the human blood was warming him up nicely as a chilly wind blew through the city.

“I don’t mind at the time.” Dawn said as they emerged from the alley. Across the road from them they saw Sylver and Deacon.

“Any luck?” Sylver called.

“Yeah, you?” Gabriel said as they crossed over.

“Only just.” Deacon sighed.

“How do you mean?” Dawn frowned.

“The one we found was only coming out to put his rubbish out.” Sylver said.


Lou was sat at the centre of the city, outside a large shopping mall.

“So what now?” Dawn asked as Gabriel stretched out on the wall gazing up at the stars. Lou smiled and beckoned at Dawn to follow him.

“This is when I get paranoid.” Rossier grumbled.

“Why?” Gabriel asked not looking at the daemon.

“You know they're talking about one of us.” Rossier said as Gabriel sat up lighting a cigarette he sniffed.

“They’re not you know.”

“No?” Rossier looked at him.
“No, Lou's asking Dawn how he is.”
“you can hear them?”

“Being at court in Paradise you learn quickly to lip read.” Gabriel said then he frowned at what he'd said.

“What?” Rossier asked as Maxwell and Balthazar joined them.

“nothing.” Gabriel growled.

“You sure?” Rossier leant back.

“Just about.” Gabriel said looking up as Lou and Dawn came back.

“Who are we waiting for?” Morgan asked Lou looked around at them then his brown eyes swept the road leading away from them and he smiled.

“Him” he said walking away. Gabriel stood up climbing onto the low wall to see better. Dawn smiled and wrapped his arm around Gabriel's waist.

“I like this wall,” Dawn grinned “you're the perfect height.” Gabriel was high enough to glare directly at Dawn instead of looking up at him.

“Shhh” Morgan snarled “who is that?”

The tall man, who walked towards them with Lou at his side, was cowled and cloaked Gabriel's claws found the handle of one of the axes at his waist.

“Easy, sweetie.” Dawn said gently his fingers curling around Gabriel's hands.






The End

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