A Bit of Unexpected NewsMature

They hadn’t been on the move for long when Lou called for them to stop, Rossier's leg was bleeding again. Gabriel and Dawn sat a little way ahead.

“Come on” Lou said leading Rossier into the nearby trees for some privacy.


“Hi” Morgan smiled sitting down beside  Gabriel and Dawn.

“Hey” Gabriel muttered smiling slightly, Dawn squeezed Gabriel's hand quickly Gabriel smiled properly at him and lit a cigarette.

“So what's up?” Morgan asked looking at him.

“Nothing much” Gabriel said.

“Nothing much?” Morgan laughed lightly.

“I just want to go home.” Gabriel sighed “if its still standing.” He added.

“We can soon.”

“That hope was gone in Holehallow, Morgan” Gabriel said.


“Because the only way we would be safe on the Midway is if mother gives up” Morgan's face fell.

“Oh” she said sadly.

“Or she dies” Dawn muttered.

“What?” Gabriel asked.

“Nothing, sweetie.” Dawn smiled Gabriel sighed again.

“Surely we can find a new place” Morgan said.

“We have.” Gabriel growled Morgan brightened.


“We’re going to Hell.”

“What?” Morgan laughed unsurely.

“We’re staying in Hell for a little while.”

“And then where?” Gabriel asked “are we going to keep moving like this forever? Keep living out of bags, eating when we can instead of when we want?” Dawn stuttered a little unsure what to say.

“You can all live with me” he smiled.

“Dawn the Underworld is overcrowded as it is without us making it worse.” Gabriel said.

“Is this what's been bothering you?” Dawn asked.

“Among other things, yes.” Gabriel lit another cigarette.

“What are the others?” Morgan asked Gabriel just pointed at Dawn.

“I'm alright now.” Dawn smiled.

“You’ve said that before.” Gabriel grumbled.

“Is that all?” Morgan asked.

“Mother” Gabriel said looking at her. “We’ve heard nothing, no rumour or anything.”

“That’s been worrying me too.” Dawn said.

“And you” Gabriel said looking at Morgan again.

“Me?” she asked “why me?”

“You’re different” Gabriel smiled slightly Morgan frowned.

“I am?”

“You’re bloods changed” Gabriel said his smile growing slightly even as he tried to stop it. Morgan tried her best to look innocent. “When were you going to tell me?” he growled.

“Tell what?” Dawn frowned confused.

“I'm pregnant.” Morgan said quietly. Dawn's face broke into a wide grin.

“That’s wonderful.” He laughed.

“Don’t tell mum” she insisted as Gabriel hugged her.

“How far?” Dawn asked.

“Around nine weeks.”

“Does anyone else know?” Gabriel asked.

“Chrys knows.”

“And the father?” Gabriel frowned.

“Doesn’t know and wont if he doesn’t grow up.” Morgan growled.

“Come on boys.” Lou called from the rest of the group. “let's go.” Gabriel, Dawn and Morgan stood and moved back to the others Gabriel was smiling and Dawn felt himself relax a little. 

The End

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