Trust IssuesMature

 The large group was ready to leave and Gabriel already had a problem as Lou voiced his suggestion

“We need to split up” Lou growled.

“No” Gabriel snarled “we stay together.”

“I will look after everyone on my group.” Balthazar said Gabriel turned to him.

“I don’t trust you any more than I trust him.” he said pointing a claw at Lou.

“Gabriel, it makes sense to split up” Dawn said gently.

“I’ll look after this group.” Sylver said standing beside Balthazar, Gabriel glared at him then turned away.

“fine.” He muttered.

“I’ll go with Sylver.” Allegra said “I’ll keep you all up to date.” Lou nodded.

“Gabriel, Morgan and Dawn, I want you with me.” Lou said.

“What?” Gabriel and Morgan snapped together.

“You two are the ones that Aura wants” Lou snarled back. “Dawn you're still not quite right.” He said all of this while keeping unblinking eye contact with Gabriel.

“whatever.” Gabriel growled he pulled his bag on and sat down as the group split up.

Beside Sylver, Balthazar and Allegra stood Chrys, Daryll, Berith and Raoul. Beside Lou, Dawn and Morgan were Maxwell, Tairas, Lewis, Rossier and deacon. Gabriel stood as everyone said goodbye.

“Be careful” Sylver said to his twin.

“And you.” Gabriel said still irritated, Sylver nodded at him and waved as the group moved off led by Balthazar and Sylver.

“Gabriel” Lou said quietly as Gabriel watched his brothers walk away. “I know you're not happy about his but we’re less likely to be seen.”

“I know” the vampyre growled not looking at Lou.

“I know too that you don’t trust me but I will do my best to keep you safe.” Gabriel looked up at him.

“I trust no one, so don’t try and earn it.” He said dully before moving to Dawn's side.

“Come on then” Lou sighed. As they moved through the market his thought were on the moody vampyre. The stallholders were packing away their things and clearing tents and tables away.

The group soon passed Rega's tent, now only a few poles and two bare tables.

“Rega” Lou called the tiger looked up from his packing.

“Hello,” he purred “on the move?”

“Yeah,” Lou smiled “we’re heading home.”

“Good, good” Rega smiled too “maybe when the teleports are up again I’ll visit.”

“You can come now if you want.” Rossier grinned watching the tiger move.

“Tempting.” Rega said “but I have to finish here first.” He pointed a clawed paw at the tables and poles.

“We can help.” Rossier said.

“Rossier.” Lou growled “behave yourself, some people have better things to do than flirt with you.”

“Really?” Rossier gasped, feigning surprise.

“Besides I have other places to be.” Rega said circling Rossier his tail brushed the daemons chin and Rossier flushed a deep red, Lou sniggered. “Are you all well?” Rega asked “or do any of you need anything?”  Lou smiled at him. “all free of charge anything to make my load lighter.”

“I think a few restoratives would be handy.” Lou said gratefully Rega grinned showing his sharp teeth.

Ten minutes later they left the market behind them trees surrounded the group. All of them had a healing tonic and a restorative tucked in their bags. Dawn had a small bottle of Jack Daniels in his bag that Rega had discreetly given him. Gabriel ran his claws over the two extra bottles in his pocket that Rega had slipped him with a whispered word. The vampyre could still feel the tiger’s whiskers on his cheek and he shivered.

“Alright?” Dawn asked seeing the shudder.

“Fine” Gabriel nodded. 

The End

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