Presents and ProblemsMature

That evening Gabriel was folding his new clothes.

“You’ll bake in that lot.” Lou laughed the daemon was lounging against the wall.

“I wont.” Gabriel said.

“Gabriel's always cold,” Dawn muttered with the waistband of a pair of jeans held between his teeth. He tried not to drag the clothes on the muddy floor as he attempted to pack his bag. Lou smiled standing up he lifted up his sons bag and helped him push the clothes in.

On the floor nearby Rossier grumbled in his sleep. The painkillers Lou had bought from Rega had been a little to much for the daemon. The daemons dark eyes opened and he groaned.

“What was I drinking?” he muttered holding his head as he sat up.

“Nothing” Lou laughed looking at the bandage around the daemons leg. The torn trousers were drenched in dried blood but the white cotton was clean. Rossier blinked a few times then looked up at Lou.

“I don’t want painkillers again.” he growled.

“You’d rather be in pain?” Lou laughed as he gripped Rossier's arm pulling him and holding him steady as the daemon tested his injured leg.

“Its okay” Rossier smiled “I don’t think it’s that bad.”

“You’re lucky.” Gabriel said doing his bag up.

“You’re sexy.” Rossier grinned Dawn didn’t attempt to stop the growl that escaped him. “So are you.” Rossier smiled at him.

“Behave” Lou said firmly “Gabriel, Dawn the others are resting for now but I was wondering if you wanted to make a move tonight?”

“I don’t know.” Gabriel said looking at Dawn.

“I'm not sure either” Dawn said thinking carefully. “So we have everything we need?”

“I think everyone’s kitted out clothes wise.” Lou said letting Rossier go the daemon wobbled a little but stayed upright.

“I need cigarettes” Gabriel said looking in his packet.

“You smoke too much” Lou said.

“I smoke when I'm stressed.” Gabriel growled.

“You’re stressed to much” Lou smiled.

“oh,” Dawn said as he reached into his pocket for his own cigarettes “Rossier” the daemon looked up at him and wobbled a bit more, Lou caught his arm. “Here” Dawn said holding his hand out Rossier's eyes grew wide and he grinned as he saw a bright purple duck sitting on Dawn's palm, it had a scarf around its neck. “We couldn’t work out the scarf but we found one.” Dawn smiled.

“I will call him Duckie.” Rossier smiled tucking it into his pocket. “thanks.” Dawn saw Gabriel cover his mouth as he tried not laugh.

“And this,” Dawn said going into his other pocket he held out a multicoloured duck “is for keeping our spirits up a little. Rossier just stared at him suspiciously.

“Huh?” he said.

“It’s a gift, Rossier.” Lou smiled.

“Thank you.” Rossier said a little bewildered.


“Why was he so surprised?” Gabriel asked later that evening as he and Dawn sat outside looking up at the stars.

“Rossier's not used to praise or thanks it seems to confuse him.” Dawn said vaguely as he enjoyed the peace and quiet. Gabriel couldn’t understand Rossier's reaction.

“But if he does something nice…” he said Dawn just smiled at him. “fair enough.”

“Are we going boys?” Lou asked coming out to see them.

“Just enjoying a bit of quiet.” Dawn said Lou smiled “what's Hell like now? Surely its changed a bit since you’ve been gone.”

“My council keeps it ticking over.” Lou said sitting down with them. “I just hope that they managed.
“Why?” Gabriel asked frowning.

“The overflow was supposed to be handled by the Underworld” Lou said “but when I ‘died’ Hell closed itself no one in and no one out.”

“Verrine's realm closed too.” Dawn said Lou looked at him in horror.


“What’s Verrine's realm?” Gabriel asked

“The spirit world, when a human or the like die their spirit goes there until Hell can take them.”  Lou sighed “few go to paradise but not many.”

“None” Gabriel said “not for over two hundred years.” Lou didn’t answer as his hands covered his face.

“They’ve been coming to the Underworld in spirit form,” Dawn said “and sort of solidifying once there.”

“Oh, bloody Hell” Lou growled.

“What?” Gabriel asked.

“The spirits outside Verrine's realm warp without his magick” Dawn explained “we have a few interesting shaped daemons.”

“Can I do anything?” Gabriel asked seeing the worry on both daemons faces.

“probably.” Lou nodded “this is going to take a while to sort out.”




The End

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