Dawn and DuckieMature

Rossier grabbed Gabriel as the vampyre started forward, Dawn yelled trying to get his fingers under Lou's hands.

“Get off” Dawn snarled Lou didn’t listen closing his eyes as Dawn's fingernails dug into his face, opening a bloody scratch near Lou's eye.

“Let me go” Gabriel snarled as Rossier's magick wrapped him up.

“He’s helping,” Rossier whispered “stop wriggling.”

“Get out” Dawn shouted at his father Tairas stood nearby unsure what to do. Suddenly Dawn stopped thrashing and Lou let go.

“Dawn?” Lou said moving as Dawn sat up, Dawn groaned his face twisted in pain. Lou knelt beside him looking carefully at him. “I'm sorry.”

“My head.” Dawn growled his bloody fingernails dug at his temples.

“Dawn, look at me.” Lou said Dawn looked up his bloodshot eyes struggling to focus. Then suddenly he smiled a little unsurely at first then it turned into a wide grin.

“It’s gone.” He laughed hugging Lou tightly.

“Rossier.” Lou managed as Dawn squeezed him tightly. “Let Gabriel go.” Reluctantly Rossier let Gabriel loose. Lou smiled as Dawn let him go too. Gabriel just stared at Lou as the daemon stood up. “If you want to hit me, do it.” Lou said standing in front of Gabriel. “I deserve it for what I did.”

“Gabriel?” Dawn said his legs shook slightly as he stood “its alright”

“Are you better?” Tairas asked as he grabbed Rossier, who was holding a bloody gash on his thigh.

“He is for now.” Lou's said still looking at the furious vampyre.

“Lou” Gabriel's eyes were blank as he looked at the daemon.

“Lou step back” Dawn said his voice was strained from yelling. “Rossier you too.” Lou did so a small frown on his face and Tairas helped Rossier move.  Dawn had noticed what the others hadn’t as Gabriel's breaths came hard and fast, his blue eyes focused on Lou's face, Dawn could just see the tips of the sharp teeth in the corners of the vampyres mouth.

“What is it?” Lou frowned.

“You are bleeding.” Tairas said “so is Rossier.”

“Ah,” Lou smiled as Dawn moved to block Gabriel's view of the small beads of blood on Lou's face. Tairas helped Rossier out of the little room. Gabriel blinked and looked up in confusion at Dawn.

“Hey, sweetie.” Dawn smiled gently ignoring the tiredness that tugged at him. “Come here.”

“No” Gabriel said even as Dawn pulled him into his arms, “you're ill”

“I've always had this,” Dawn smiled.

“It’s true” Lou said “Aura made it worse, a tiny bit of damage in just the right place, I couldn’t find it.”

“So you're better than you were?” Gabriel asked Dawn nodded.

“Its not an instant fix, but my headaches going.”

“Shall I leave?” Lou asked stating towards the exit.

“Is Rossier okay?” Gabriel asked he could still smell the cocky daemons blood in the air. “I think I caught him quite badly.”

“I’ll go and see.” Lou smiled leaving the little room.

“Dawn” Gabriel growled his veins were burning.

“How long have you been like this?” Dawn scolded.

“a while.” Gabriel sighed “I could have lasted if you hadn’t stressed me out so much”

“Then surely if I sort that out then we’re even?” Dawn smiled Gabriel growled.

“Only a little bit though” he said firmly.

“Fine” Dawn laughed.


Rossier yelped as Lou cleaned the heavily bleeding wound, then he smiled as he heard a sound from the little room.

“Sounds like they're enjoying themselves.” Lou smacked his other leg.

“Stop listening in.” he said “they’ve both had a hard time.”

“Sounds like they're having fun, now” Rossier grinned.

“Okay,” Lou said “for that comment, you're having stitches.”

“But…” Rossier started as Tairas quickly handed Lou a small metal box.

“Always practical, Tairas” Lou smiled

“I like to keep my clothes hole free.” Tairas shrugged. He moved and Rossier winced as the quiet vampyre gripped his shoulders holding him still as Lou threaded the needle.

“I'm sorry.” Rossier said quickly, he covered his ears.” I'm not listening now.” He shouted not realizing his own volume.

“Good” Gabriel said as he and Dawn came in, the vampyre was still processing the small amount of Dawn's blood and his breath caught in his throat. Dawn gripped his arm as the vampyres knees folded. Dawn smiled as he held Gabriel against himself.

“I think Amarantine's seeing all of us.” Lou said.

“What?” Gabriel asked as Dawn's fingers rested on the back of his neck.

“None of us seem to be in full health at the moment.” Lou stated putting the first stitch in Rossier's leg, the small daemon wriggled swearing loudly.

“Sorry about that.” Gabriel said looking at him.

“You will be.” Rossier growled.

“How about a new Duckie?” Dawn said Gabriel sniggered turning his face away. Rossier on the other hand broke into a wide grin.

“Can I have a purple one?” he asked Lou laughed.

“If we can find a purple one.” Dawn said smiling, even Tairas managed a small smile.

“What happened to the old one?” Lou asked Rossier yelped trying to keep his smile and failing as Lou put the next stitch in.

“Duckie had a bathing accident.” Dawn explained “he's probably out at sea by now.” Rossier sniffed.

“Poor Duckie.” Rossier sighed. Gabriel had to duck out of the room quickly Dawn followed him.

“Is he serious?” Gabriel whispered.

“Rossier is rarely serious.” Dawn smiled. “He is when its needed, never when its not.”

“I can’t quite work out when he's joking.” Gabriel said.

“Want to go for a walk?” Dawn asked “it’s the last day of the market and I need a few things.”

“Are you feeling well enough?” Gabriel growled Dawn hugged him quickly with one arm.

“I'm fine,” he said, they began to walk and soon spotted Sylver and Deacon heading towards them their arms full of bags and boxes.

“Been shopping?” Gabriel asked

“We volunteered to bring everything back.” Deacon grumbled. “I wish we hadn’t now.”

“Do you know if there are any Duckie stalls?” Dawn asked trying not to laugh.

“Duckie stalls?” Sylver smiled as Gabriel laughed.

“Never mind.” Dawn said sniggering, “we’ll find one.” Sylver and Deacon watched as Dawn and Gabriel walked away, both howling with laughter.   

The End

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