Reasons For Daemons and Dawn's ProblemMature

Lou released his son moving back he leant against the wall, Dawn lay on the floor breathing hard he stared at the ceiling.

“Go ahead Gabriel” Lou panted.

“Dawn?” Gabriel warily forward he wouldn’t admit that Dawn's scream had scared him. He gently took the daemons hand again, Dawn groaned as he felt Gabriel's claws on his palm.

“Hey, sweetie” Dawn muttered his voice cracking.

“Are you alright?” Gabriel whispered.

“Not really.” Dawn managed a smile. He looked at Lou who was pale and visibly shaking. “Am I better now?”

“No” Lou said fighting the nausea that rolled over him in waves. “I've bound your daemon form, you can’t change at all until I take it off.”

“What if I need too?” Dawn asked.

“Why would you?” Gabriel said.

“Get some rest, both of you.” Lou said standing up “look after him.” he said to Gabriel before tuning and moving quickly past Rossier at the door. Gabriel heard Lou retch outside the tent. Rossier nodded once at Gabriel and went out to help the ill daemon.

“Gabriel?” Dawn asked “are you okay?”

“Worried about you” Gabriel admitted Dawn laughed quietly as sat up slowly groaning he held his head.

“I'm fine,” he said “I've got a headache from Hell and could use a drink, sleep should cure both.”

“Dawn, why did you say that?” Gabriel asked Dawn frowned at him “you told Lou to fuck himself.”

“I did?” Dawn asked the daemon swore quietly. “I think have some apologies to make,”

“Don’t be stupid” Gabriel growled “anyway, what did he actually do to you?” 

“He told you.”

“No, what did he do?” Gabriel growled not knowing how to word it better.

“I'm not sure, but I've had it before.”


“My daemon form has never been quite right.” Dawn sighed “probably because of what I was before.”

“An angel?” Gabriel said
“No” Dawn smiled “Lou was an angel, my mother was a daemon.”

“I'm sure I knew that” Gabriel frowned.

“You did, I've told you before a long time ago.” Dawn stood and slowly walked to the little compartment keeping one hand on the wall for support.

Gabriel looked up again as Lou and Rossier came back in.

“Lou?” Gabriel said.

“I'm fine” Lou said he stumbled slightly Rossier's arm stopped him from falling.

“His magick's low.” Rossier said keeping the daemon on his feet.

“What did you do?” Gabriel growled.

“Not now.” Rossier snapped

“Go in there.” Lou said pointing to the little room Rossier steered Lou to the door of the little room. 

“Are you coming?” Rossier asked as Gabriel stood wondering what had just happened.


Dawn was already asleep, Rossier sat Lou down near him.

“Can I help?” Gabriel asked.

“I don’t know, how much magick do you have?” Lou asked Gabriel raised thin eyebrows.

“You don’t want to know.” He said, Lou smiled and held out a hand Gabriel took it, wary of the soft skin and his own claws. After a moment Lou snatched his hand back shaking it as though he'd burnt his fingers looking in surprise at the vampyre.

“You’re a lightning user.” Lou laughed his body slowly beginning to convert Gabriel's odd, raw power.

“Ironic,” Rossier grinned Gabriel sat back slightly light headed and lit a cigarette.

“Now,” he said “explanations would be nice.”

“Okay,” Lou nodded “I don’t know for certain but Dawn has had issues with his daemon form from the day he fell. I think its either because he's a hybrid or because just before his first transformation we had to leave Hell.”

“Why?” Gabriel asked.

“His mind had been wiped by Aura,” Lou growled his own eyes darkening “he couldn’t control his magick or the start of his daemon form.

“Sire,” Rossier said seeing the look on Gabriel's face. “hang on, translator to the rescue.”

“Get on with it.” Gabriel growled.

“We don’t start with a template for our daemon form. Environment, blood lines, whatever’s there is a trigger for what it will look like.”

“So Dawn's template was affected by moving around?” Gabriel asked Rossier nodded.

“It doesn't help that when he fell he landed on earth.” Lou said somewhere an old memory tugged at Gabriel's mind. “So from Earth to Hell to all the other places we visited, his mind not even knowing what he was let alone what he was supposed to be.”

“I think maybe he's been on Earth for long enough that his daemon form realizes its not quite right.” Rossier said.

“No” Gabriel said “he told me it started before that, in Bain, the wolf city” Gabriel swore as his mind refused to remember any more. “We met Raoul again, escaped the cell.” Gabriel growled his hand covering his eyes. “Mother caught us.”

“Take it slowly” Lou's said gently “it'll come back”

“She spoke to each of us I don’t know what she said now.” Gabriel said

“She knocked Dawn out.” A slow, deep voice said. Gabriel and the other two looked up Tairas stood in the door way.

“How?” Lou asked Tairas looked at him his dark eyes seeming to search the daemons face. Then he put a hand up touching a finger to his temple and made a quick, low hissing sound. “Which side?” Lou snapped moving to Dawn's side quickly.

“Left.” Tairas said Lou looked up at him.

“Are you sure?” Tairas nodded once and Lou looked down. “I'm so sorry, Dawn.” Gabriel yelled as Lou's hands tightened their grip on Dawn's head and the sleeping daemons eyes snapped open.


The End

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