In Trouble Again (I'm in trouble with Insanity)Mature

“Where is everyone?” Gabriel asked checking the small compartment. Tairas didn’t reply as he carried on reading.

“No idea” Dawn shrugged “but some peace and quiet sounds nice.” He pulled out his sketch pad and settled himself down to draw. Gabriel smiled and sat down lighting a cigarette.


An hour passed and Rossier returned looking forlorn.

“I lost Duckie.” He sighed Gabriel looked at him unsure if he was being serious. “he wouldn’t stay in my hut and went sailing off on his own.” Rossier sat down heavily, looking up he saw Gabriel watching him and he grinned. “and how are you, sexy?” Dawn's grip tightened on the sketchpad.

“I don’t know who sexy is, but I'm fine.” Gabriel smiled Dawn sniggered as Rossier's eyebrows rose.

“So you do have some bite in you.” He said.

“More than you think” Dawn said Gabriel smiled.

“Anyway?” Rossier asked “any plans for today?”

“Stay here” Dawn said “and chill out.” Closing his drawings he lit a cigarette.

“Can I see?” Rossier asked Dawn's mood flicked suddenly.
“No” he growled Gabriel frowned in question as he saw the red band on Dawn's wrist grow brighter.

“Dawn?” Rossier said quietly all humour gone.

“I'm alright” Dawn said breathing hard he crushed the cigarette out, the red band flared and vanished.  

Dawn lurched forward his teeth biting into his bottom lip as agony tore through him.

“Dawn” Gabriel moved quickly to Dawn's side “Rossier find Lou, now.” Rossier nodded and left as fast as he could, Tairas stood and followed quickly. Gabriel gripped Dawn's shoulders and lay the daemon back, Dawn growled at the vampyre.

“It’s alright” Gabriel said Dawn reached up and rested his hand on the side of Gabriel's neck smiling painfully, blood dripped down over his chin.

“I’ll be okay” he hissed “it’s a shock that’s all.” Gabriel nodded as Dawn's other hand gripped his claws. “I’ll be okay.” Dawn breathed repeating it over and over he closed his eyes. Gabriel watched the lines on Dawn's skin warily, slowly they were increasing their number and their speed as they crawled over him.

“Dawn, what's happening?” Gabriel asked he looked at the daemons skin again, one of the lines had been a greyish colour.

“I'm fine” Dawn groaned as his back arched and he cried out in pain. “I don’t know what this is.” He managed through gritted teeth.

“Dawn” Lou's voice shouted “Gabriel looked up as the large daemon skidded into the room. He knelt beside Dawn opposite Gabriel.

“Can I do anything?” Rossier asked.

“Stop anyone coming in.” Lou snarled, Rossier nodded and planted himself squarely in the doorway.

“Dawn?” Lou said gently laying a hand on Dawn's chest, “what are you feeling?” Dawn was making small sound every other breath now.

“pain.” He growled.

“Okay” Lou said calmly wiping sweat off his sons face. “Is it sharp or dull?”

“Does it matter?” Gabriel frowned.

“Yes” Lou snapped

“Both” Dawn said

“Alright, hot or cold?” Lou asked nearer to Dawn's head.

“Hot.” Dawn twisted trying to see Lou properly.

“Stay still,” Lou smiled “Gabriel let go. Trust me.” He added at Gabriel sceptical look Gabriel pulled his hand away and Dawn's fingers reached out to the vampyre. “Dawn, Gabriel cant ouch you while I do this.” Lou rested his hands on the sides of Dawn's head. “Are you ready?” he asked. Dawn's eyes turned black the colour spreading from his eyes over his cheeks.

“Fuck you.” He snarled Lou nodded and gripped Dawn's head tightly. Gabriel saw Dawn freeze an instant before an agonized scream tore from the daemon.





The End

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