Baths And Answers (long chapter)Mature

“So that’s who I am” Lou smiled at the group.

“Fair enough.” Sylver shrugged “I vaguely remember you anyway.” Lou nodded.
“I remember” Tairas said Lou smiled at the quiet vampyre.

“I don’t remember you at all” Maxwell frowned.

“You wouldn’t” Sylver said “nor Daryll, the only time you ever met Lou, Maxwell, he was in full daemon form.”

“In Paradise?” Maxwell sputtered “were you suicidal?”

“Clearly” Lou laughed “I died soon afterwards.” Maxwell stared at the daemon as though he had two heads.


Gabriel let Dawn take the old decorated rings from his ear and put the new ones in only flinching twice. Dawn smiled swiftly running a hand over Gabriel's silver hair.

“Thanks” the vampyre said as Dawn moved away. “So do we have any plans for what's happening next?”

“I think there is a plan in place.” Dawn nodded “we've tracked Amarantine down, he will meet us here and when the celebrations are over here he’ll set up a teleport to Hell we’re going to Hell for a while.”

“Hell?” Gabriel pulled a face. “Cant Lou set one up?” he asked Dawn shook his head.

“A daemons power is affected when they die his isn’t back to normal yet. He hasn’t got enough.” Gabriel nodded.

“So where has Amarantine been?”

“No idea.” Dawn said “we’ll ask him when he arrives.”

“I really want a shower” Gabriel sighed after a moment looking at his mud streaked arms, Dawn smiled.

“I know sweetie,” he said “you wait, Hell has natural hot springs you'll love it.” Gabriel made a low sound that made Dawn shiver and smile.

“They are good.” Lou said suddenly.

“Again?” Dawn growled “must you really do that?”

“definitely.” Lou laughed. “Gabriel there is a river running through this forest.”

“A river” Gabriel said distastefully. “How can I have a shower in a river?”

“You can’t, but its something” Dawn smiled. “Maybe we’ll go in the morning.”


Gabriel lay down shivering slightly, outside they heard the rain thundering onto their little tree house the wind blowing fiercely. The tree kept the drafts out and kept its inhabitants dry but he was cold. Dawn looked up from his sketchpad.

“Are you okay?”

“Cold” Gabriel sniffed

“I could keep you warm” Dawn said somewhere outside their compartment they heard a snigger that sounded somewhat like Rossier. “Not like that” Dawn growled, the daemon laughed again. Gabriel jumped as the end of their little alcove closed leaving a small gap near the ceiling for air.

“Thanks” Gabriel muttered to the tree then he turned to Dawn. “in what way then?” he asked quietly as Dawn put his sketches down. He moved to Gabriel's side and lay down holding his arms out. Gabriel sighed and moved to the daemon he smiled to himself as he realized the daemon was warm and Dawn closed his eyes as the vampyre slowly stopped shivering.


The next morning Gabriel was already awake when Dawn opened his eyes. He was sat beside the daemon with a cigarette in his hands. Lou was sat down by Dawn's feet.

“morning.” Lou smiled as he saw his son was awake, Dawn sat up and Lou pushed a mug of coffee into his hands.

“Thanks” Dawn mumbled his hair sticking up in all directions. “What time is it?” he yawned.

“Almost nine,” Lou said Dawn frowned and rubbed his head making his hair stand up even more.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” he asked.

“The others are only just moving about,” Lou smiled “even Tairas has had a lay in.” Dawn accepted a cigarette from Gabriel. “It seems everyone’s lacking decent sleep.”

“I don’t think anyone slept well in Holehallow.” Dawn yawned “you're quiet.” He said looking at Gabriel.

“Tired “Gabriel murmured.

“I'm telling Gabriel what should be happening tomorrow.” Lou said

“Tomorrow?” Dawn asked

“I got a message at a ridiculous hour” Lou said “around three this morning, from Amarantine.” Lou sighed. “he’s ill again and has been for a while that’s why he didn’t come to Holehallow, so we’re getting the vampyres fed and meeting him in Brighton city.”

“What’s actually wrong with him?” Gabriel asked “he seems to get ill a lot.”

“It’s a blood disorder.” Lou said sadly. “It’s his breed daemon and elf blood tends not to mix for some reason.”

“So what happens?” Gabriel asked as Dawn slowly drank his coffee.

“His blood basically fights itself.” Lou said “he just needs a little TLC every now and again he’ll be fine.”

“So we’re going to the city?” Dawn asked.

“Yes we’ll cross the country and go down into Brighton. Get anything we need there and head down to see Amarantine.”

“So that’s were he was.” Dawn said nodding.

“The daemon that usually looks after him when he's like this wasn’t there when Amarantine needed him” Lou growled

“Problems?” Dawn asked.
“Right now no one is where they should be, so for now I'm not really worried.”



Gabriel followed Dawn through the forest both carrying their bags. Dawn frowned as they saw a tiny trickle barely a foot wide running through the trees nearby.

“Lou is joking” Gabriel growled “that’s not a river, it’s a puddle.”

“The rivers further up” a voice said a small woman stood nearby her hair sopping wet. “This is just the overflow from the rain last night.”

“Thanks” Dawn smiled Gabriel nodded his thanks to her.


The river was busy, small bamboo huts had been set up on the shore their backs ending in the water of the bubbling river. The huts doors were opening and closing as the lines of otherworlders grumbled and complained.

“You’re kidding.” Gabriel sighed.

“They’re a good idea.” Dawn said “it says no soap though” Dawn pointed at a huge sign above them its lettering in bright red. Gabriel growled and he and Dawn joined the queue.


Back at their tree Gabriel didn’t feel much cleaner. Dawn's hair was plastered back and he swore as it started to rain again.

“Goddess” he grumbled “it’s always raining in this bloody country.” They ducked into the large tree house.

“Don’t go to the river.” Gabriel growled “I don’t recommend it.”

“No?” Rossier asked only he and Tairas were in the room. Both Dawn and Gabriel tried not to laugh as Rossier pulled out a towel and a rubber duck. “What a shame.”

“Where did you get that?” Gabriel sniggered Rossier grinned.

“I wanted a bath companion.” He looked at the duck. “Didn’t I?” he squeaked the yellow monstrosity and Dawn laughed again.

“You’re mad.” Gabriel grinned Rossier looked shocked.

“Duckie is not mad.” He stated throwing the towel over his shoulder he marched from the room. Leaving a bewildered Dawn and Gabriel alone. Gabriel looked at Dawn and sniggered. “I am though” Rossier grinned, sticking his head back in the room for a moment.

“You have mad friends” Gabriel laughed Dawn wrapped an arm around his shoulders and looked down at him.

“I know” he grinned.








The End

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