Meeting PointMature

Dawn and Lou searched the marketplace for over an hour and soon reached the metal smiths and Rega's tent again.

“We’re going in circles” Dawn sighed pulling his hood down he looked at the weapon table seeing a rack of swords.

“Fancy anything?” Lou smiled.

“I don’t know” Dawn sighed he ran his fingers over the embroidered table cloth.

“Good evening.” The woman behind the stall said.

“Hi” Dawn smiled as his gaze fell on a short curved blade that lay on the table. Then he moved and saw two samurai swords and Lou frowned.

“None of these are heavy enough for you.” He said.

“How about this?” the stallholder smiled bringing out a large broadsword. “I was just giving it a clean.” Dawn took it and frowned as the sword seemed to vibrate in his hand.

“It’s familiar.” He muttered” how much?” Lou nodded approvingly.

“I’ll get it.” He said seeing a small metal ball on a pole near them. He rested his hand on the sphere and Dawn saw deep red tendrils of magick flowing into the globe. The woman stared at the metre at its base, her eyes wide.

“Thank you” she cried “you must pick something for yourself.”

“I'm armed” Lou smiled

“But…” the woman started but Lou raised a hand to stop her.

“Its fine, but if you insist we will have a look at the jewellery.” Lou said nodding towards a glass covered wooden box. Dawn frowned at him in question. “Gabriel lost the rings for his ear?” he said remembering the conversation he and Dawn had in Hell.

“He did” Dawn nodded feeling a little strange about Lou buying him things.

“How about these?” the woman said moving the box over to them she pointed out a cluster of decorated rings.

“those.” Lou said pointing at a pair of small plain rings. “How many?” he asked looking at Dawn.

“Seven” Dawn said

“He was a general?” Lou said mildly surprised Dawn nodded as the woman found the box of rings behind the counter. Counting out seven she handed a tiny jewellery box to Lou who handed them to Dawn.

“Thanks” Dawn muttered not knowing how to really react. The woman waved at them as they moved away, Dawn slid the sword carefully into his belt.

“We’ll have to get a sheath for that.” Lou smiled.

“Lou?” Dawn said the daemon looked back as his son stopped walking.

“Yes?” Lou asked a little worried.

“Thank you.” Lou smiled widely.

“You’re welcome.” Lou laughed “that’s the start of many missed birthdays.”


“There you are.” A voice cried Lou turned to see Rossier and Berith.

“Hey, guys.” Lou said.

“Are you okay now?” Berith asked as she quickly hugged Dawn.

“Not too bad.” Dawn smiled

“Where are the others?” Lou asked.

“Pan showed them to the trees” Berith said Lou frowned.


“The tree man” Rossier said grinning “I did offer to keep Sylver and Gabriel company but oh well.” Dawn growled the band of magick around his wrist flaring.

“Rossier, behave” Lou snapped “Dawn, calm down. Berith, lead the way.” The daemon smiled and she led the way over to the tree encampment.


Gabriel had found another clothes stall selling leather coats and other things and traded a bit more magick for a tin of beeswax. He sat at the edge of the huge room that was made of two trees tangling their roots to make a room large enough for everyone.

“So why don’t the trees die?” Morgan asked Allegra, who was back to normal size, smiled.

“The trees have a lot of roots and their tap root, the main one, is still in the ground.”

“So they don’t dry out, they just have a little less for a while.” Sylver said.

“They don’t mind” Allegra said stroking the wall near her gently and it shivered a little.

“How do you know?” Daryll asked.

“They wouldn’t do it if they did.” Allegra smiled. Gabriel sighed and to his surprise more roots curled out of the mud and grew up blocking his view of the others.

“Gabriel?” Sylver called

“I'm fine” he replied Allegra looked around the end of the wall that the tree had made.

“The tree thinks you want privacy.” She said.

“It would be nice.” Gabriel nodded Allegra smiled.

“Okay” she nodded and went back to the others. Gabriel lay his axes down and then settled down resting his head on his bag. 

The End

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