Retail Therapy (I don't believe I've called a chapter that :-S)Mature

“So you don’t know what's wrong?” Rega asked looking at Dawn who was sat on the cushions at the rear of the tent.

“No” Dawn said Lou shook his head. Dawn watched the tiger go past him again, he resisted the urge reach out and tigers silky fur. Rega sat down in front of him his face thoughtful he saw Dawn's hand twitch.

“If you must.” Rega smiled “don’t touch my neck, I don’t like it.” Dawn reached out carefully and stroked the tiger’s side. After a moment Rega seemed to frown.

“You smell like someone I know” he said stopping the low purr that rumbled in his chest he sniffed. “You have a friend here?” he asked.

“What do they look like?” Dawn asked

“He’s silver.”
“Sylver's here?”

“No, his colour, his presence he has claws.”

“Gabriel” Dawn smiled “what do you mean he's silver?”

“You are a fire, young master.” Rega said “a hearth fire, nice and warm but dangerous on certain circumstances. Your friend is silver, hard like steel, until he warms to someone.” Dawn nodded.

“That’s Gabriel” he smiled.

“He came here, he has what you need.”

“Why?” Lou frowned.

“he asked for it, help for a friend who's ill, a friend who couldn’t be named who isn’t an elemental and one of the first of his kind.” Rega stretched “you.” Lou looked at Dawn smiling.

“And you tell me that he doesn't care.” He said slightly smugly. Dawn felt warmth spread over his body and he smiled. “Come along.” Lou said “if Rega's seen Gabriel then they are probably waiting for us. Thank you Rega.”

“You’re welcome.”

“You must visit Hell again we haven’t had a half decent apothecary down there for a long while.”

“I will,” Rega smiled waving them off. “Once the teleports are open again.


Gabriel walked past stalls and tents, he still didn’t understand the bartering system. It confused him, he couldn’t work out how things of such value were traded for basically nothing. His magick barely had a dent in it from the amount the tiger had taken. He looked up as the wind and rain grew stronger and he shivered. Hoisting his and Dawn's bags up on his back. Seeing a clothes stall nearby he hurried over to see a rack hanging from apparently nothing with shirts and skirts hanging from it.

“Anything to keep me warm and preferably dry?” he asked the stallholder, a man with a mop of blonde hair.

“Sure” he clicked his fingers and the rail flew up another taking its place from behind and the first one dropped out of sight. There were fleeces, jumper’s, scarves and all manner of other things. “Something to suit you” the man said looking at Gabriel he pulled a midnight blue coat with a hood, from somewhere behind the rack, Gabriel frowned.

“I'm not really one for colour.” Gabriel said.

“Try it.” The man said Gabriel put his bags down, his foot on the straps, just in case and then pulled on the coat. The man drew a full length mirror from behind the racks and showed Gabriel his reflection. “You see?” the man smiled “black is harsh when you're skin, hair and eyes are pale but the blue is dark enough to retain your image without making you look ill.” Gabriel smiled he liked the look of the coat.

“What did you want for it?” Gabriel asked.

“The ball there if you have any magick, if not we’ll figure something else out.” A long metal pole stood beside the racks a small silver ball rested on top of it.

“What do I do?”

“Just rest your hand on it and I’ll tell you when the metre is up far enough.” The mans smile dropped as the needle on his metre hit red almost instantly. “I didn’t mean fill it” he said his eyes wide as he expected the vampyre to faint.

“Nothing to me” Gabriel shrugged it was true, again his magick barely felt touched as he picked the bags up and slung them on his shoulders.

“Than you very much” the man laughed looking in awe at the vampyre.    

“Thanks for the coat.” Gabriel said “by the way do you know the quickest way out of the market?”

“Are you staying here?” the man said Gabriel nodded. “Then head that way the trees will settle you in.”

“Thanks” Gabriel said again heading to the edge of the market and circling around it heading back to the meeting place ad he sat down lighting a cigarette.

“Hey” Morgan smiled she had flowers braided into her hair and a new flowing top that she turned to show him.

“It’s nice.” Gabriel smiled.

“I had my fortune told too,” she grinned.

“And?” Gabriel laughed.

“It’s rubbish” she sniggered “but fun”

“How’s Chrys?” Gabriel asked.

“Fine” his quiet son answered

“He met plenty of animals that were his taste in company.” Morgan said sitting beside her brother.

The End

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