A Tiger in the ForestMature


 Gabriel looked at the tent beside the metal smiths the open flap showed two tables along each side, both lines with bottles and jars.

“Good evening.” A voice purred Gabriel opened his mouth in amazement as the tents occupant stretched and stood up. The gorgeous creature slunk forward he stood like the Midway wolves but the orange fur, striped in black made the solid muscle beneath stand out. “Can I help?” Gabriel saw claws and large sharp teeth and he smiled.

“I'm sorry?” he asked the tiger moved around him looking the vampyre up and down.

“Can I help at all?”

“I'm not sure what I'm looking for” Gabriel said as he heard the tiger sniff.

“You’re not wood folk” the tiger growled.

“No” Gabriel replied.

“What are you?”

“A vampyre.” Gabriel said the tigers green eyes flashed.

“You mean an angel?”

“Not anymore.” Gabriel said

“You don’t smell of daemon, or any otherworlder I have met.”

“What do I smell of then?” Gabriel asked a little irritated at the odd line of conversation.

“You smell of something new, yet your species is old.” The tiger seemed to frown at something behind the vampyre then suddenly he shook his head the shiver ran down his spine to the tip of the long tail. “I am sorry” he said “I occasionally go a bit strange.”

“A bit?” Gabriel asked smiling at the odd creature. The tigers laugh was a little shocking sounding like a series of loud growls.

“You are not a new species, of course not, but your kind is rarely seen on earth.”

“True.” Gabriel nodded.

“So what can I do for you?” he asked “I have love tonics, potions for prosperity, revenge anything.”

“No” Gabriel said “thanks.”

“I have the magick bottled for just about anything you could wish” the tiger purred his fur brushing Gabriel's hand as he passed.

“I don’t think I need anything.” Gabriel said thinking, he saw the tigers shoulders droop as he sighed.

“No,” he said “few people do nowadays.” He grumbled his exotic air vanishing he just sounded tired. “No one wants this rubbish now, a few years ago I would have been sold out but now I only get witches and the like here searching for a custom order.” He slunk back to the pile of cushions at the back of the tent stretching he settled back down his green eyes closed his tail curled around to touch his nose.

“Actually,” Gabriel said his mind clicking “you might have something to help a friend of mine. He's not well.”

“What’s wrong with him?” the tiger asked sitting up straight.

“I'm not sure,” Gabriel sighed “I don’t think anyone is.”

“What is he?”

“A daemon” Gabriel said the tiger stood.

“What type of daemon?” Gabriel frowned.

“I don’t actually know.” Gabriel said “he's one of the first of his kind though.” The tiger nodded.

“Is he an elemental?”

“Not as far as I know” Gabriel said watching the tiger move some bottles around one of the tables. He pulled a tiny bottle out the glass looked as though someone had twisted it.

“This should do.” He said “as long as he's not an incubi it wont do any harm.” He put it into Gabriel's hand and wrapped his furry paws around Gabriel's claws. “it’s a general restorative, it aids most daemons healing process, its not perfect but it works.”

“What do I do with it?” Gabriel asked looking at the green liquid in the little bottle.

“A few drops in tea or water, not alcohol as it can produce some unwanted effects.”

“How much?” Gabriel asked forgetting the trading system.

“For you, angel, free.” The tiger purred.

“I couldn’t take it.” Gabriel frowned.

“Then what would you give?”

“I don’t know.”

“How about, you made me laugh for the first time today.” The tiger smiled “that’s enough for me.”

“Will you tell me a price if I can pick another?” Gabriel asked as an idea came to mind.

“Very well.” The tiger nodded. “Do you have magick?”

“I have some” Gabriel said feeling the huge reserve of power that he'd built up in Holehallow.

“What kind?” the tiger asked

“Electricity, mostly.” Gabriel said the tiger grinned showing his sharp teeth.

“I can use that.” He said.


Gabriel left the tent the tiger waved until he was out of sight, turning the tiger almost bumped into two hooded figures.

“Rega” Lou pulled down his hood a smile on his face. “How are you?” the tiger smiled and Dawn moved warily towards the tent.
“Even better now, come on in.”  

The End

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