Spring Time MarketMature

Gabriel and Pan got back to see the whole group awake, Allegra had woken all of them after Gabriel had left.

“Gabriel?” Sylver asked seriously “are you okay?”

“Fine” Gabriel nodded he felt oddly serene.

“Something’s moving” Sylver growled turning around.

“The trees are waking” Pan said closing his eyes.

“Waking?” Gabriel frowned

“The trees protect the gathering” Allegra said Pan looked at her and held his hand out vines and leaved were twisted around his fingers and hand. Allegra landed on his palm.

“You have something of the forest in you.” He said calmly Allegra smiled stroking the vines that covered his hand her green magick made him shiver. “Come along.” He said the group all looked at Gabriel as Pan turned still carrying Allegra, Gabriel nodded.

“So what is this gathering?” Morgan asked as they walked.

“A meeting of all creatures, a celebration.” Pan said the trees seemed to move as he approached he never had to move or change direction as he walked.

“What do they do?” Morgan was curious.

“They celebrate,” Pan said “they eat, drink sell their goods at the marketplace for the next three days.”

“Why?” Rossier asked.

“To celebrate.” Pan replied as if this answered all the questions. “It is spring again.”


The marketplace was enormous thousands of otherworlders moved around drinking, eating and singing.

“It’s lovely.” Morgan smiled her eyes wide with awe.

“I’ll have the trees make a shelter for you.” Pan said setting Allegra down on Gabriel's shoulder.

“The trees?” Gabriel asked, wincing he moved Allegra to his other shoulder.

“Look” Sylver pointed to the far side of the masses, the trees around the marketplace had pulled up roots or shaped their braches to make hollows fit for around ten.

“Thank you” Gabriel said Pan looked at the group of vampyres and daemons.

“Do not concern yourselves, you are safe here.”

“We always seem to be in danger,” Sylver said. Pan frowned and Gabriel started at the severe look on his face.

“In every forest there is a gathering like this, it is a magickal time for Earth no one would dare threaten that, even the goddess approves of peace today. You are all safe in our care.” He spoke as if telling a naughty child off, gentle but firm.

“No offence meant.” Sylver muttered.

“None taken” Pan said “I do understand your concern.”

“Really?” Balthazar said.

“Indeed, however the false queen would not dare to attack a gathering nor come into one, she is not welcome.”

“Thank you” Allegra said as the group seemed to relax.

“As I say you are welcome in my home.” He inclined his head slightly and walked away.

“I say we stick to pairs for now.” Sylver muttered the others nodded.

“Gabriel shall I come with you?” Allegra asked.

“No, go with Morgan and Chrys.” Gabriel said “I’ll be fine.”

“Meet back here in an hour?” Sylver said Gabriel nodded.  

The End

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