Lou's Strange MessengerMature

Gabriel shifted as he felt something warm settle over him, the tree behind him seemed to move. He looked up to see a face peering at him. He leapt up to see, not a tree, but a man like figure his clothes were made of leaves, oak leaves were tangled in dark green hair and pale green skin almost blended with the forest behind him. The man held a finger to his lips as Gabriel tried to recover from the shock.

“Who are you?” he growled Gabriel looked at Balthazar to see the huge daemon was fast asleep, the man smiled gently.

“Gabriel” Allegra's voice said near his ear “it’s a forest spirit”

“And?” Gabriel asked the man stood towering over eight feet tall Gabriel looked up at him and the man beckoned for the vampyre to follow him.

“Go” Allegra said “he wants to talk.” Gabriel shook his head but warily followed the man from the clearing.


The huge man led Gabriel into the thick trees.

“Where are we going?” Gabriel asked picking his way through the trees he kept a close eye on the strange creature.

“Just here.” The voice was warm and surprisingly quiet, but it sounded unused. He looked down and seemed to frown then he reached down and gently tugged at one of the trees Gabriel leapt back as the tree groaned and the trunk bent down.

“Trees aren’t supposed to do that.” He said.

“Trees can do anything they want.” The man smiled. “climb.” Gabriel was careful not to catch the tree with his claws as he climbed the trunk that was now so far over that he could almost walk up it.

He looked down into a valley below between the thick trees he saw thousands of lights.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“That is the spring feast.” The man smiled at him. “Spirits and entities form all over the world come together to welcome longer days and shorter nights.”

“So why are you showing me?”

“That is where you are to meet your friends, Hells master has told me to make sure you are safe.” He bent suddenly scooping Gabriel up the vampyre yelped in surprise. He felt raw energy in the arms that held him as he watched the tree bending back to its normal position. The man settled Gabriel back onto the floor.

“Your party will be welcomed with open arms.” He said.

“They’ll be wary.” Gabriel said the man nodded looking down the hill again.

“That is only natural, I will speak to your brothers.”
“what about the others?” Gabriel asked the man frowned at him.

“I will talk to all of your brothers,”

“Only four of them are my brothers.” The man laughed, an odd sound that made Gabriel think of a strong wind in the trees.

“All of them are your brothers,” he said

“Even the women?” Gabriel asked.


“Okay” Gabriel said a bemused smile on his face.

“I recognize no differences between you.” The man said beckoning Gabriel to follow. “Except in the magick you apparently wield.”

“Apparently?” Gabriel asked following him

“Magick was around long before you it merely lets you use it lets you manipulate it.”

“And what about you?” Gabriel asked “do you manipulate it?”

“I am magick, little one.” Gabriel pulled a face at the name.

“Do you have something I can call you?” the man stopped and looked at Gabriel.

“A name?” he asked Gabriel nodded.

“I have had many.” He began walking again thinking, he moved surprisingly slowly for his size.
“Which was your favourite?” Gabriel asked looking down to make sure he didn’t trip.

“I have been known as Jack, George but the one I liked overall was Pan.”

“Then Pan it is.” Gabriel said the man nodded.


The End

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