Fire, Forest and Fresh AirMature

“Does anyone know where we are headed?” Tairas asked even Balthazar looked at the quiet vampyre.

“Yes” the big daemon said “we’re to head to the centre of the forest and wait.”

“Wait” Gabriel growled

“A teleport will be being set up.” Berith said “it may take a while though.”

“Why?” Morgan asked

“They’re complex pieces of magick,” Rossier said “few people can do it properly.”

“Who can?” Gabriel asked.

“Lou,” Berith said “Aura, Amarantine.”

“Is that all?” Maxwell frowned.

“Others have the capacity but not the power.” Berith smiled Gabriel threw his cigarette into the fire and settled back closing his eyes. “do we have guard volunteers?” Berith asked seeing him.

“I will” Maxwell said.

“And me” Tairas added Rossier nodded.

“Me too” he stood and stretched pushing his fists into the bottom of his back even Gabriel winced as they heard a series of small cracks from the daemons spine.

“That sounded painful.” Morgan grimaced.

“Nah” Rossier smiled walking away into the trees.

“I’ll stay guard here.” Balthazar said “I believe its you two Aura want most.” He said looking at Gabriel and Morgan.

“She wants all of us” Gabriel said without opening his eyes the smell of fresh air, forest and fire made him relax and he smiled.

“What are you smiling at?” Sylver asked settling down his head resting on Deacon's lap as the daemon lay back using his bag as a pillow, he ran his hand over Sylver's hair and the vampyre smiled.

“Nothing.” Gabriel said someone sniggered nearby.

“Thinking about our Lord and master?” Rossier's voice floated through the trees. Gabriel didn’t answer as his thoughts did flick to Dawn, wondering where the daemon was.  


Dawn was looking at his wrist examining the band of blood red magick that tucked just under his watch.

“So what if I need to use my magick?” he asked looking up at Lou.

“You can Lou smiled “I’ll have to redo the band but it should stop the fluctuations or at least dampen them.”

“good.” Dawn nodded looking at his watch “can we go?” Lou nodded.

“Of course we can, we’ll meet with an old friend then wait for Gabriel and the others.” He gripped Dawn's arm and they vanished together.


The End

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