In Fanon ForestMature

Gabriel could smell something new coming from the tunnel ahead and he smiled.

“Fresh air.” Sylver laughed behind them the others cheers and began to talk quietly.

“I checked the humans weather reports” Balthazar said “it should be sunny.” Gabriel smiled.


Outside it was dark and it was raining, Gabriel laughed as Balthazar swore. Everyone poured out of the tunnel Gabriel closed his eyes tilting his head back and smiling at the feel of the rain on his face.

“Keep moving, gorgeous.” Rossier said quietly. “We’re not out of the woods yet.”

“I though we were staying in the woods.” Deacon frowned Rossier snorted.

“We are, it’s just a phrase.” He said “besides it’s a forest not a wood.”

“What’s the difference?” Gabriel asked licking rainwater from his lips, Rossier shrugged.

“No idea.” He grinned leading Gabriel to the others who were sheltering beneath the trees nearby.

 Balthazar had sent most of the daemons on ahead.

“They’ll make sure the paths clear. Sylver saw Gabriel smile as he shook water from his face.

“Sylver?” Morgan whispered as they started moving again, “do we trust him?”

“I don’t think we have a choice” Gabriel muttered behind her.


“I'm tired.” Lewis yawned Gabriel felt himself yawn in return.

“And me.” He said as Allegra landed on his right shoulder.

“Dawn's on his way.” She said shifting around, Sylver frowned as he saw Gabriel wince.

“Good,” Gabriel said “will you sit still?”

“Sorry” she smiled “but can’t you feel that?”

“No” Gabriel growled “and I'm too tired to right now.”

“Feel what?” Sylver asked still watching Gabriel for any reactions as Allegra wriggled.

“Nature,” Allegra laughed “its spring here, nature is waking up.”

“Something is moving.” Lewis growled from the back of the group.

“We’ll stop here.” Balthazar called. A thick circle of trees kept the ground mostly dry everyone began to take their bags off.

“Stop.” Gabriel snapped, everyone froze and Gabriel moved gently pulling Raoul away from a small patch of mushrooms.

“A fairy circle” Morgan sounded delighted looking at the perfect circle of mushrooms.

“Be careful.” Sylver said gripping her arm.

“The Fae folk are very active in spring.” Allegra said “and they can be tricky.”

“I say we move on.” Gabriel said

“Over here’s not bad.” Deacon called. The group moved carefully making sure no one was too near the mushrooms.

“So what's so bad about the fairies?” Morgan asked.

“I don’t know much” Gabriel said

“It’s an invite.” Sylver explained poking the fire with a long stick “to their realm.”

Morgan made a longing sound.

“I know that the Fae folk are helpers who love nature.” Gabriel said “but they can be tricky and very short tempered.”

“Sounds like you.” Rossier grinned.

“You’re going to cop an unfortunate one.” Gabriel growled at him.

“I have no idea what that means.” Rossier laughed.

“He means he's going to punch you in the mouth.” Sylver translated Rossier laughed even more.

“You’re crazy” Morgan said to him.

“That’s true sexy.” Rossier winked at her “but the best people are.” He winced as Gabriel's claws dug into his shoulder drawing blood.

“Leave him alone.” Morgan said smiling at her dad Gabriel reluctantly released Rossier.

“One thing I do want to know.” Gabriel said leaning back against a tree.

“What?” Rossier asked rubbing his shoulder.

“I want to know where you’ve been.” He said Balthazar “wherever it was you’ve acquired a brain.” Balthazar looked at him before grinning.

“I've always had one.” Balthazar said “I just find it easier to play dumb.”


“Because when you’re dumb you get away with more.”

“It’s true.” Daryll said “I get away with all sorts, no one notices.”

“Like what?” Gabriel asked lighting a cigarette, Daryll tapped his nose.

“That would be telling.” He smiled Gabriel laughed.

The End

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