On the WayMature

“I will stay” Danu said to Gabriel as he picked his and Dawn's bag up. “I still have daemons in Holehallow, I will get the rest out.” Gabriel nodded.

“Good luck” he said she smiled.
“And you.”



Gabriel followed Balthazar into the tunnel between Holehallow and SycamoreTowers. Around halfway down another branch was being dug. Balthazar looked at the map in his hands.
“We leave here and we end up in a place called Fanon forest.” He said “we can stop there and work out our route.”

“I want to go wherever Dawn is.” Gabriel said.

“There are messengers on the way to Dawn.” Rossier said from behind him “your friends Allegra and Lucas”

“Good” Gabriel nodded he could feel Rossier's eyes on him as he followed Balthazar into the tunnel. “Will you stop looking at me like that?”

“Why?” Rossier grinned “I’d rather look at a work of art then a plain mud wall, its just a shame your brother's behind us.”

“You must be the daemon of bad chat up lines.” Sylver laughed from behind him. “but I’d watch out Gabriel's claws are sharp.” Rossier grinned even more.

“Nothing a pair of handcuffs couldn’t remedy” Rossier sniggered

“You don’t give up do you?” Gabriel snarled.

“No” Rossier laughed.

“Then don’t be offended if I ignore you completely.”

“Aw, that’s no fun.” Rossier grumbled.

“Time for a rest.” Balthazar stopped “Rossier behave.” Rossier growled at his brother.

“Won’t we be found?” Gabriel asked.

“No, we’re being filled in as we go.”

“You mean the tunnels blocked at both ends?” Sylver asked seeing Gabriel visibly turn pale in the dim light Balthazar held.

“Alright?” Balthazar asked sitting down Gabriel nodded quickly.


Dawn watched the minute hand on the clock it seemed to him to be going backwards.

“Dawn,” Lou smiled seeing him look at the clock again. “How about you get some sleep.” He suggested.

“I cant” Dawn said laying back down on the sofa, “'I've tried.”

“Alright,” Lou nodded he stood and pulled a small table to the couch. “How about a game.” Dawn sat up again looking at the chess pieces. Something stirred in his mind and he frowned.

“They were a gift.” He muttered.

“Yes” Lou nodded “Tairas made them for me, when he was younger.”

“You mean when he was still an angel.” Dawn said running his thumb over the intricately carved king. “These are old.”

“Only twenty years.” Lou said.

“Not to me.” Dawn said sadly putting the piece down. Lou sighed knowing his son wasn’t talking about the pieces now.







The End

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