An Explanation of SortsMature

“So what now?” Gabriel asked looking, to his surprise someone in the crowd nodded at him, beside Mason were Jay and Jace who waved at him. “You’re here” Gabriel said to Mason.

“Safe and sound.” Mason smiled.

“What?” Sylver frowned.

“The missing daemons” Balthazar said “around half of them were me.”

“And the rest?” Gabriel asked.

“The door that you found” Mason said “I believe they were taken to supply the blood banks here.” Sylver sat back down heavily and Gabriel felt his stomach rise, nausea washing over him.

“What happened to them?” Gabriel asked after a few deep breaths.

“The bodies were incinerated.” Balthazar said. “Something really went wrong with this place.” Gabriel ran his hands over his hair and looked at his brother.

“Anyway we need to leave,” Balthazar stood the sofa he'd been on seemed creak with relief. Gabriel caught the huge daemons arm. “What?” the daemon snarled.

“When we get out of here I want a rematch.” Gabriel growled Balthazar grinned.

“deal.” He laughed.


Dawn winced, his head pounding as Lou held the sides of it his magick digging through Dawn's mind. Dawn groaned and Lou pulled away.

“I can’t find anything.” Lou said despondently.

“try again.” Dawn said Lou shook his head and passed Dawn a handkerchief.

“You nose is bleeding.” Lou said “I can’t do anymore, I’ll end up doing more damage than good besides my magick's not quite back to normal yet.” Dawn wiped his nose as Lou stuffed his hands in his pocket.

“You’re shaking” Dawn said

“I know” Lou sighed looking at his watch “twelve hours, then I can take you back.”

“I miss him” Dawn sighed getting annoyed as his nose refused to stop bleeding.

“I'm sure he misses you too.” Lou said Dawn shook his head.

“I don’t think it matters to him”

“What do you mean?” Lou frowned.

“I'm Gabriel's ‘friend’” Dawn laughed bitterly.

“You’re not actually together?” Lou frowned Dawn shook his head.

“No” he lit a cigarette relived as the spots of blood on the handkerchief were getting smaller.

“Why?” Lou asked “the way you talk about him I thought…”

“He doesn't remember me.” Dawn said again.

“That’s not a reason.” Lou said sitting beside his son. “Why?”

“Because he doesn’t want too” Dawn sighed.

“And what do you want?” Lou said Dawn looked at him sadly.

“I just want him to be happy, as long as he's happy I don’t care.” Dawn looked at the burning ember on his cigarette.

“And is he?” Lou asked gently.

“I don’t think so, I think Aura took the knowledge, of what would make him happy, from him.”

“Which is?” Lou asked.

“No idea,” Dawn said “we all have an idea of what would make us happy I just think his is gone.”

“If Aura took it it'll come back.” Lou smiled

“If his mind isn’t permanently damaged.” Dawn said not returning the smile.

“His mind is damaged Dawn,” Lou said firmly. “His memory is fragmented but they don’t disappear, its like a filing cabinet and he's just lost the key that’s all.”

“Can he find a key?” Dawn asked understanding this more easily then the previous explanation, Lou nodded.

“Or he can make a new one.” He said Dawn brightened. “I maybe able to help.”

“Really.” Lou smiled his arm around Dawn's shoulders.

“Maybe” Lou said firmly.







The End

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