An Enemies HelpMature

Rossier strode back into SycamoreTowers an hour later with a group of daemons following him.

“Rossier?” Berith stood “what have you done?”

“They’ve come to help” Rossier said sounding distinctly annoyed. Sylver leapt up as a huge, hulking form came out of the tunnel the daemon glared at him. Rossier slunk to his chair as his brother pushed to the front of the crowd Sylver saw the pitch black bruise around his neck.

“You” a voice shouted Gabriel had come out of his room to see what all the noise was.

“Gabriel, stop” Sylver stepped in front of his brother as Gabriel made a beeline for Balthazar. The huge daemon raised his hands to show he meant no harm.

“I'm not here to fight you.” He boomed.

“Yeah right.” Gabriel snarled

“I am here to explain,” the huge daemon sat down on the sofa taking up most of it, the wood creaked under his weight. Rossier sat glaring at him.

“I take it my dislike of you is not unique.” Gabriel growled as he noticed Rossier's look.

“no” Balthazar agreed, “but my same dislike of you is outweighed by the dislike of your mother.” Gabriel looked at him for a moment longer.

“I'm listening,” he said sitting down too. Balthazar nodded his appreciation.

“I worked out early that something was wrong.”

“Yeah, right” Rossier growled Berith smacked his arm.

“Shhh” she scolded.

“Carry on” Gabriel said tonelessly.

“There were rumours that the Lord of Hell is back.”

“You mean Dawn?” Gabriel frowned

“No Dawn is the Lord of the Underworld.” Balthazar explained. “Lou is the in charge of Hell” Gabriel looked confused for a moment.

“I know that name.” he said slowly.

“Quite possibly.” Balthazar said. “Lucifer or Lou, as he prefers.”

“Dawn's father” Berith added Gabriel pulled a face.

“I didn’t even know he had one, he never mentioned him.”

“He didn’t have one” Berith said.
“Now I'm confused.” Sylver said.

“Lou's been dead for a long time,” deacon said coming down the stairs.”

“You knew?” Sylver growled Deacon nodded. “Why didn’t you say?”

“It was years ago” Deacon said “and I had my orders.”

“Your orders?” Gabriel asked Deacon reached for Sylver's arm but the vampyre moved away angrily.

“I was told not to even mention him.” Deacon sighed sadly, “Dawn didn’t want to hear his name.”

“Excuse me?” Balthazar said “I was talking.” Sylver shot him a glare then looked away. “Anyway,” Balthazar looked at Gabriel who was unusually quiet. “I knew if I baited you you'd suggest a fight,”

“Why?” Gabriel frowned.

“It's almost impossible to kill a daemon, when we disappear we go back to where we came from, in my case Hell the teleports had been shut down it was my only option.”

“You did throw the fight.” Gabriel growled “I knew it wasn’t right.”

“It was tempting to crush you to death but Dawn would have killed me properly and that was no use to anyone.”

“It was Balthazar who alerted us.” Berith said “we found Lou…” she stopped.

“Found?” Gabriel said “I'm still struggling with the fact that he exists and the fact that Balthazar has a brain.” The huge daemon laughed.

“We believed that Lou was dead” Berith said sadly “we buried him,” Gabriel's eyes widened.

“Alive” he felt his throat tighten slightly at the thought.

“He’d half dug himself out” Rossier put in his voice serious for once. “but he passed out from exhaustion and pain he had some serious injuries.”  



The End

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