Sleepless ConversationMature

Gabriel gave up trying to sleep after an hour he sat up and lit a cigarette then slowly made his way to the lounge surprised to see Sylver, Berith and Rossier.

“What are you doing up?” Sylver asked as Gabriel joined them.

“I could ask the same” Gabriel growled

“Cant sleep” Rossier smiled Gabriel sat down in one of the armchairs.

“No” Gabriel said lighting a new cigarette from the end of the old one.

“I could wear you out” Rossier grinned Gabriel didn’t even look up at him.

“What now?” Sylver asked “any plans?” Gabriel shrugged.

“No” he said again.

“Well,” Rossier said “I've decided that the best way out is that way.” He pointed straight up.”

“One problem” Gabriel said

“I know there's no door but I like blowing things up.” Rossier laughed.

“We have no idea what's up there.” Gabriel said “we could be underwater for all we know.”

“He’s right,” Berith said she opened her mouth to say more.

“I could make a little hole and see” Rossier suggested.

“No” Berith growled “we stick to the plan.”

“What plan?” Gabriel said.

“What about Danu is she coming?” Sylver asked.

“Danu?” Berith asked “leader of the Lothorian’s?” Sylver nodded.

“She arrived a few days ago.” He said.

“We need to get Allegra back here.” Gabriel said slightly annoyed that his question had een ignored.

“What?” Berith rubbed her head. “Allegra's here too?”

“She stayed in Holehallow” Sylver said.

“Rossier.” Berith said.

“On my way captain.” He stood.

“She tiny” Sylver said “you'll never find her.”
“I'm more than a pretty face.” Rossier grinned and headed towards the tunnel.

“Sorry about him” Berith said “he's crude but he gets a job done.”

“I quite like him,” Sylver smiled “he's funny.”

“You’re a first.” Berith laughed. Gabriel growled, jumping slightly as someone appeared beside him.

“Sorry.” Van Hay muttered “I didn’t think anyone would be down here.”

“How’s Dawn?” Sylver asked as Gabriel opened his mouth.

“Angry.” Van Hay sighed “but he’ll be back soon.” Berith nodded.

“When’s soon?” Gabriel growled.

“When he's at least a little better.” Van Hay said smiling apologetically, Gabriel huffed and lit another cigarette then stood up.

“I'm going to bed.” He said

“I thought you couldn’t sleep.” Berith frowned.

“I can’t” Gabriel growled “but alone I can’t kill anyone.”  


Dawn growled as Lou prodded his head.

“Then what happened?” he asked Dawn had just relived his first meeting with Gabriel on the Midway as his father tried to work out what was happening.

“He doesn’t remember me” Dawn said sadly.

“He will” Lou smiled patting Dawn's shoulder.

“He hasn’t yet, each time I think something’s happening its like his mind shuts down.” Lou nodded

“It’s common if its been wiped often.” He said, “Does he forget recent things?” he asked Dawn nodded. “Well, it'll still fix itself in time but I should be able to help it go a little faster.”

“How?” Dawn asked.

“I did it with yours.” Lou smiled.

“I don’t remember that.” Dawn sighed “there are still things I don’t remember.” 

“And me” Lou nodded “we’ll all get there one day.”


The End

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