Dawn's GhostsMature

All Dawn knew was it was hot, hotter than the underworld.

“Van Hay, “he snarled at the black daemon in front of him “take me back, now”

The huge hall made his voice echo.  

“I can’t, sire” Van Hay stepping back “I have my orders.”

“What orders?” Dawn yelled.

“You know whose orders they are” Van Hay skipped back as Dawn lashed out at him his eyes turning black. Dawn's form flickered suddenly, like a bad hologram.

“Why can't I teleport and you can?”

“a higher frequency sire.” Van Hay ducked as Dawn grabbed for him.

“Take me back” Dawn shouted.

“I'm sorry.” Van Hay shook his head.

“Dawn” a calm voice said Dawn froze, the black lines vanishing instantly.

“Please,” Dawn said quietly “take me back.” The daemon in front of his shook his head.

“I can’t” he said sadly and vanished Dawn turned slowly to see someone walking up behind him. Someone the daemon hadn’t seen for years.

“Lou” he muttered.

“Hello, Dawn” Lou smiled his brown eyes just a shade darker than Dawn's own looked carefully at him.

“You’re dead” Dawn growled trying to stop himself from shaking.

“I was” Lou smiled Dawn saw the black mark that curled around Lou's neck, beneath his skin. Lou realized what Dawn was looking at and lifted his shirt to show Dawn the black puncture wound near his right hipbone. “I was dead,” Lou said gently dropping his shirt, “not quite all the way though, I recovered slowly.”

“When?” Dawn asked, not stopping the tears that rolled down his face.

“I came back around two weeks ago.” Dawn looked at him closely.
“You’re thin” he said Lou nodded.
“I had a little problem when I woke up”

"We buried you.” Dawn moaned closing his eyes.

“I know you did.” Lou smiled.

“We buried you alive.” Dawn said horrified at the realization.

“You weren’t to know.” He moved forward and wrapped his arms around Dawn. “I missed you my son” Lou said smiling as Dawn hugged him back.

“I missed you too.” Then Dawn shook his head. “No, we haven’t got time for this. I have to get back.”

“No” Lou said gently taking Dawn's shoulders. “We have time.”

“No, we don’t Gabriel and…” Lou put his hand up a stern look on his face.

“They will be fine, we will work out what's what and what's happening with you, what we are doing next and I will have you back in Gabriel's arms in around four hours.”

“Four hours?” Dawn said suspiciously.

“For him.” Lou smiled “four hours, for him.”

“How long?” Dawn snarled, Lou looked at his watch.

“Twelve days, two hours and thirty seven minutes.” Lou said “give or take a few minutes.” Dawn growled.

“Four hours, for him?” he asked.

“I promise.” Lou said.

“Alright.” Dawn sighed knowing he didn’t really have a choice.

“Now, daemon form out please, let’s work out what's happening.” Lou smiled “and while I work you can tell me what's been happening and why you didn’t want to see me.”         


The End

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