Berith's OfferMature

Gabriel was in his room the door was open and Berith knocked lightly.

“What?” he growled looking up at her.

“I have to apologize” she said “I can see you're upset.”

“Why apologize?” Gabriel said.

“For upsetting you.” Berith smiled.

“You haven’t upset me.” He growled “I'm not upset with you.”

“Then who?” she asked moving slightly she saw what he'd been doing. “You’re leaving.” She frowned.
“Yes,” Gabriel said “and I'm not upset.”

“I say we all leave together, instead of you going alone.” Berith said “I can get a message to Dawn to tell him where we are.”

“Fine” Gabriel shrugged.

“So why are you upset if you're not upset?” Berith asked sitting down.

“I am not upset.”

“Fair enough” Berith smiled, “Sylver has informed me that you and your brothers are blood drinkers.” Gabriel hoisted his bag onto his shoulder then pulled Dawn's one onto the other.

“So?” he frowned, she put a hand on his.

“So before we leave you need some sleep and something to eat.” Gabriel stared at her.

“Feed from whom?” he asked.

“I take it Dawn does it?” Berith said Gabriel nodded.
“Mostly.” He agreed. “At least he has done recently.”

“I could…” Berith started.

“No” Gabriel interrupted “I feed from humans or Dawn”

“It can be a little too intimate with a stranger.” Sylver smiled from the doorway.

“I see” Berith nodded as Sylver came in.

“Do you?” he asked sitting beside her.

“Not really.” Berith said.

“It’s a matter of trust, if you're not killing the person you feed from a vampyre has to trust that person not to attack them.” Sylver explained. “It’s a very vulnerable feeling when you're feeding.” He looked at Gabriel.

“Or just after.” Gabriel muttered remembering the feeling that dawns blood seemed to incite in all of them.

“In your case, yes.” Sylver smiled knowing what had prompted the comment. “I still haven’t worked out why Dawn's blood does that.”

“Does what?” Berith asked.

“Dawn's blood produces...” Sylver paused thinking. “I would call it euphoric agony.”

“Huh?” Berith frowned.

“It’s…” Sylver struggled to explain, “So pleasant it’s painful.” He said.

“I can’t say I understand that.” Berith smiled. “Only Dawn produces that feeling?” Sylver nodded.

“The rest of us get a nice buzzing feeling for a few hours.” Sylver smiled.

“Could you have a bit from Deacon or someone?” Berith suggested.

“Too late.” Sylver said “been there done that.”

“Oh,” Berith sighed.

“Besides, I’m fine.” Gabriel said.

“You do need some sleep though” Sylver said looking closely at his brother.

“Fine.” Gabriel dropped the two bags “then if you two don’t mind.”

“Come on Berith” Sylver could smell metal in the air. “Gabriel, try and stay calm, Dawn will be fine.” Gabriel kicked his boots off and looked at Sylver. “if Deacon believes it then I do” Sylver added Gabriel nodded. 

The End

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