Friend or FoeMature

Dawn yelled in frustration and Gabriel grabbed his hand pulling him along as the others disappeared into the tunnel ahead.

“Come on” Gabriel snapped as the workers all turned, surprised by the shout of rage, to see them.

“Don’t panic, gorgeous” Rossier strode past his body stretching as he moved, midnight blue scales crawled up over his face. More daemons joined him stopping the real Truan and his group from passing. Gabriel heard a wicked laugh issue from Rossier.

Dawn ran letting Gabriel guide him back to the tunnel.


Near the slope Dawn fell taking Gabriel with him the daemon landed on his hands and knees, breathing hard his hands gripped the dry mud as his skin turned black.

“Dawn, no” Gabriel shouted gripping the daemons arm he tried to pull him up Dawn struggled to his feet staggering to the bottom of the slope. “Come on” Gabriel pushed Dawn ahead of him but the daemon slid back as the mud underfoot crumbled.

“Gabriel,” Dawn said trying not to make a sound as pain washed through him “get out.”

“No” Gabriel snapped trying to drag Dawn up the slope his clawed feet sliding under Dawn's weight. He looked up as footsteps approached moving quickly he put himself between Dawn and their pursuers, looking out into the blackness.

“Gabriel.” Dawn said gripping the vampyres hand.

“I'm staying” Gabriel growled not looking down as he saw a light appear further down the tunnel.

“I don’t think you'll convince him sire.” Rossier drawled, as he came around the corner.

“Rossier” Dawn snapped “behave and get some clothes on.” A woman joined them followed by a black skinned daemon. Dawn tried to smile even as all of his muscles contracted and he groaned.

“Come on sire.” The woman said gently, lifting one of Dawn's arms Gabriel quickly turned and took the other one. Even together, though, they couldn’t get up the slope.

“Sylver,” Gabriel called “we can’t get up.” They waited for a minute. “Sylver” the vampyre shouted.

“Hang on” Sylver called back “we’re getting there.” Gabriel smiled as he saw a knotted bed sheet slither down the slope, Gabriel pressed it into Dawn's hands

“Hold on” he urged Dawn nodded. “Pull, Sylver.” Gabriel yelled then he followed Dawn up his feet holding easily as he climbed.


In the room at the top Dawn slumped down against the wall breathing hard as Sylver, slightly confused, let the bed sheet down again. When the three strange daemons were in the room Sylver smiled holding the sheet up.

“Morgan's idea.” He smiled “otherwise we’d all be stuck down there.” But Gabriel wasn’t listening. Instead he knelt by Dawn with Morgan beside him, the vampyre pushed the damp hair from Dawn's forehead.

“Dawn?” he asked “what do I do?” Dawn reached up sluggishly and his fingers just brushed Gabriel's cheek.

“Nothing” he said smiling tiredly his eyes flicked up to see the three daemons standing behind Gabriel.

“Berith” Dawn said quietly the female daemon bent down as Morgan stood taking her coat off, she handed it to Rossier. He frowned a little taken aback then smiled genuinely as he took it and pulled it on doing up the zip.

“Thanks” he said truly grateful Morgan nodded.

“Sire,” the female daemon said “we have to get you out of here.”

“I'm not leaving” Dawn growled.

“You have too.”

“What’s wrong with him?” Gabriel asked.

“I'm not sure,” Berith said looking at him “but L…”

“Shut up” Dawn snapped Gabriel started slightly.

“Dawn?” he frowned.

“I don’t care what anyone says, I'm staying.”

“I might be able to help.” A calm voice said the black daemon knelt by Dawn's side too opposite Gabriel and Berith.

Berith nodded and gently pulled Gabriel up moving him away.

“Come on” she said as something cracked and Dawn vanished along with the daemon.

Sylver shouted first, then the others joined in as Gabriel gripped Berith's collar.

“Where is he?” he snarled “bring him back” Berith pushed his hand gently and Gabriel let go.

“Quiet” Berith shouted above the noise from the others. “Gabriel, Dawn is safe.”

“How do I know that?” Gabriel snapped as Deacon moved to stand beside Berith.

“Gabriel, I trust these daemons with my life,” the small daemon said “and with his.” Gabriel stared at him.

“He’ll only be gone a few hours.” Berith assured

“A few hours there could be a year here.” Gabriel shouted.

“He will be back soon” Berith insisted “for now everyone need to eat and sleep.”

“No” Gabriel said “after your little display down there that whole place will be after us, we need to leave.”

“No need.” Rossier drawled he sniffed “anyone who was in that room is dead.”

“You killed them?” Sylver cried outraged.

“Me or them, gorgeous” Rossier shrugged.

“Gabriel…” Sylver turned to his brother but Gabriel had gone.

“Gabriel?” Berith called they all piled from the room, through the railings a few floors down they saw Gabriel on the landing.

“Gabriel,” the vampyre stopped as Sylver called his name “come back.” Gabriel looked up at him then, without any change of expression, turned and carried on walking heading down towards the lounge.

“Come on” Sylver growled and began to hurry down the staircases between each floor.  









The End

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