Spies and an Old Friend?Mature

One hour passed and Truan was the only one who was still optimistic about finding anything. After another half an hour the tunnel ended in a blank wall of mud.

“Is this it?” Gabriel growled.

“All this for nothing.” Dawn sighed. “It was a little excitement while it lasted” they turned back and saw two tunnels, one they had come from and one that ended a few metres away with a wooden door. Dawn moved forward and reached for the handle only for a hand to slap his hand away, he turned to see Sylver. “What?”

“Déjà vu” Sylver hissed.

“I don’t speak that” Dawn said.

“He means this is a bit familiar.” Gabriel said sniffing. “No smells here except mud.”

“Sorry” Sylver said to Dawn who smiled trying the handle it opened easily.

Dawn stepped forward his eyes wide, a huge generator filed one corner of the mud cave two daemon shovelled coal into a massive burner nearby.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” an angry voice shouted.

“I have every right to inspect the facilities” Dawn snapped indicating for the others to be quiet the daemon who had shouted at them growled.

“You can’t be here.” He snarled.

“Excuse me?” Dawn's eyes turned black for a moment, Truan stepped forward.

“Sire” the daemon bowed to Truan. Dawn looked very confused his brown eyes staring at Truan.

“Its okay” Truan said to the daemon “we can inspect and make sure everything is running correctly.”

“Sire, it was your orders that forbade people from coming here.” Truan seemed to falter slightly.

“Well, I've changed my mind,” Truan almost shouted his voice echoing in the chamber. The daemon hurriedly bowed and scurried away, Dawn turned to Truan.

“What is going on?” he gripped the small daemons shoulders as Gabriel saw the lines on Dawn's skin speed up as his thumbs dug into Truan's throat.

“Dawn” Gabriel grabbed Dawn's arm pulling him away “later.” Dawn pushed Truan away the small daemon stumbled back a small smile on his face.


Each underground chamber was similar with huge machinery whirring loudly making conversation impossible.

“Allegra” Dawn said inside his mind as they walked. “please answer me.”

“Yes, Dawn?” Allegra's voice was quiet like she was far away.

“Get to SycamoreTowers, get everyone on the alert.”

“I can’t” Allegra replied “everyone here is already on the alert, something is happening” Dawn swore out loud and Gabriel looked at him oddly.

“What’s going on?” Dawn said to Allegra ignoring Gabriel's questioning look.

“I'm unsure, but it’s like everyone’s brain has switched back on they are suspicious of everyone.”  

“You should have a daemon following you,” Dawn informed her “his names Lucas he can help.” Dawn wasn’t looking where he was going and walked straight into a soot covered daemon.

“Watch it.” A voice snapped Dawn looked up in surprise.

“Manners” Truan growled.

“Piss off” the daemon growled wiping his face Gabriel saw a handsome daemon his short black hair stood on end filled with coal dust. “Evening sire.” The daemon smiled looking back at Dawn who stood dumbstruck.

“Rossier?” Dawn couldn’t believe his eyes as the thin, good looking daemon tried to wipe the soot from his torn t-shirt. “What are you doing here? You can’t leave Hell”

“I'm working sire.” Rossier grinned.

“You haven’t done a days work in your life.” Dawn growled still with a small, unbelieving smile on his face.

“True” Rossier nodded seriously, then he grinned again.

“Dawn?” Gabriel stepped forward.

“Sorry,” Dawn smiled widely. “Everyone this is Rossier, Balthazar's brother.”

“Only by blood.” Rossier said pulling a face then he looked in surprise at Gabriel and Sylver. “You’ve got gorgeous in stereo.” He laughed “hello.”

“Rossier, enough.” Dawn growled as Gabriel went pale and Sylver turned pink.

“I am here to work.” Rossier said as he saw some other daemons behind the group. He took Dawn's hand and shook it vigorously. Gabriel only just saw the slip of paper that Dawn slipped into his pocket.

“Okay” Dawn nodded “be careful” Rossier nodded.

“There are a few old acquaintances down here” Rossier muttered in Dawn's ear he lifted his shovel again “be wary though, not all of them are friends.”

“Who?” Dawn asked.

“I can’t say,” Rossier shrugged “I don’t know.”

“Does anyone?” Dawn sighed, Rossier grinned at him wiping a cheek with a dirty sleeve.

“Someone does.” Rossier said. More workers came around the corner as Rossier shovelled more coal into his burner.

“And can you find out why the water in Sycamore isn’t on?” Sylver said quickly as the workers stopped looking at Rossier suspiciously.

“Of course” Rossier nodded reluctantly Dawn moved on.

“Well it’s obvious who got the brains.” Gabriel said.

“Problem is,” Dawn said “can you imagine how dangerous Balthazar would be with brains and a little bit of psycho thrown in.” Dawn sighed “I must admit he's seems to have changed a little since I last saw him.”

“Which was?”
“around twelve hundred years.” Dawn said Gabriel stopped, looking at him.

“Really?” he asked catching up again.

“Rossier's tricky.” Dawn said he stopped suddenly looking at a group in the next chamber then he turned and gripped Truan by the back of the neck lifting him off the floor. “You’re Truan, right?” he snarled the daemon nodded as best he could. Dawn pointed to the other group. “Then who the hell is that?” Gabriel looked to see Truan standing with a group of daemons in the next chamber.

“Dawn I can explain” Truan choked.

“Before I break your neck?” Dawn growled Truan smiled and Dawn dropped him out of surprise then with a wide grin Truan vanished in a flash of red light.   






The End

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