Gabriel searched for the small mark on the door.

“Maybe we’re on the wrong floor?” Sylver suggested.

“I don’t think so” Dawn said looking up at the cover of the pit.

“Should we start from the top and work down?” Raoul asked. Gabriel was opening all the doors he growled and turned.

“You” he snarled at Truan Dawn caught the vampyre as he strode towards the small daemon.

“I didn’t do anything” Truan said casually.

“He couldn’t have.” Lewis said “he was with us all day." Gabriel put his hands up indicating that Dawn could safely let him go. Dawn warily released him.

“Spread out.” Sylver said “check the boards at the back of each room.”

“I say if we find this tunnel” Gabriel growled watching Truan move away “we lose him” Dawn caught his wrist.

“It wasn’t him”

“Then who?” Gabriel snarled “and how?”

“That’s the only bit I can’t work out” Dawn said “how did they get past us with boards and a new door? They must have been ghosts to get past us without making a sound.” Gabriel moved to one of the rooms Dawn followed slowly he didn’t mention the sadness he felt as Gabriel knocked on the seemingly solid back wall of the room. “Back to your old self.” He muttered.

“What?” Gabriel asked not looking up at him. Dawn stopped Gabriel as the vampyre went to leave.

“Will we stay as we've been when we leave here?” Dawn asked Gabriel frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“I think we've gotten to know each other a little better and we’re more tolerant of each others peculiarities.” Dawn said “will that change?” Gabriel carried on walking and Dawn closed his eyes feeling his heart sink.

“I hope not.” Gabriel's voice said before the vampyre left the room. Dawn looked up and saw him standing outside a small smile on his face Dawn returned it with a big one of his own. “Come on” Gabriel said gently.


“Gabriel” Truan called coming up to them “I found it?” Gabriel frowned.

“Show me.” He ordered Sylver was waiting by the door Gabriel banged hard on the board on the back wall. “its solid.” He growled tuning to Truan who closed the door. Gabriel saw where his finger pointed the mark had been painted over but was still visible.

“They turned the door around” Dawn said.

“But the walls solid.” Gabriel said as Tairas opened the door to let the others in. Dawn pulled at the boards prising them away from the wall.

“Breeze blocks.” Sylver nodded “lightweight but solid, easy to carry.”

“They’re only stacked in place,” Dawn said pulling one of the top blocks out.


Between them all it took minutes to move all of the large grey bricks. The tunnel was dark even as Truan lit his hand with magick and the room was filled with a blood red glow.

“Shall I go first?” he asked his brown eyes twinkling slightly.

“No” Gabriel turned to see Dawn had backed away from Truan his eyes fixed on the small daemons hand. “Dawn?” Gabriel frowned moving to block his view the daemons head snapped up to look at Gabriel. “What is it?”

“Nothing” Dawn snapped “let’s go.”

“Dawn?” Gabriel followed quickly as Dawn strode into the tunnel Truan followed a bemused smile on his face. Sylver came next followed by the ever quiet Tairas. Raoul, Lewis and Maxwell stayed in the room making sure no one could follow.

Even in eerie red light Gabriel could see the black lines curling across Dawn's arms and the back of his neck. “Dawn?” he said again.

“Later” Dawn hissed as the tunnel dropped sharply and he skidded down a long slope. Gabriel followed sliding sideways his clawed feet dealing easily with the loose, dry mud. Truan came next sliding on his back he slipped straight past Gabriel, Dawn just caught his collar as Sylver and Tairas joined them.

“It’ll be difficult getting back up.” Sylver said.

“We’ll be fine.” Dawn snapped letting go of Truan quickly as if the little daemon was too hot to touch.  









The End

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