A Spies OfferMature

The next morning Gabriel was up first, even Tairas who woke habitually at six was still in his room as Gabriel went downstairs. At six fifteen exactly Gabriel's quiet brother joined him.

“You have not slept.” Tairas observed

“No” Gabriel said he was impatient as they waited for the others he lit a cigarette to stop himself fidgeting.

At around seven Sylver, Deacon, Raoul and Lewis came down followed closely by Dawn and his coffee.

“So,” Sylver smiled “exciting news”

“They know” Dawn said

“You mean you found it too?” Gabriel growled.

“No” Dawn said quickly “I told them a moment ago, I thought you'd burst if you had to explain anything.” Tairas looked at Dawn who quickly knelt and explained to him.

“Ah” Tairas smiled slightly “can I assume we are on the move, then?”

“Tonight” Dawn said “but we’ll need a guard and it won’t be everyone.”

“No” Sylver nodded “we’ll be safer if it’s only a few of us” Gabriel stood as someone moved near the stairs, he moved swiftly as the ‘someone’ swore quietly.

“Gabriel?” deacon frowned Dawn followed the vampyre as he reached the back of the stairs and pulled Truan out by his collar.

“Good morning, sire.” Truan managed as Gabriel gripped the back of his neck marching him to the chairs.

“Why are you listening to us?” Sylver snarled.

“I wasn’t, I came down in the lift.” Truan said trying to loosen the front of his collar, his brown eyes wide. Gabriel dropped him and the Guide stumbled.

“Where are the daemons that are meant to be here?” Lewis growled echoing Gabriel's question from the night before.

“What?” Truan asked the random question throwing him.

“More importantly.” Dawn said calmly, “What did you hear of our conversation?”

“Nothing” Truan sputtered seeing the furious daemons and vampyres around him.

“Bull” Gabriel hissed Truan looked at him for a moment then his back straightened and his face twisted into a cocky smile.

“Fine” he said “I heard it all” Gabriel's claws rose.

“And?” Dawn said holding a finger up to stop the vampyre.

“And I want to come with you.” Truan said "something’s wrong with this place and I want answers.” Gabriel growled.

“What are you offering?” Sylver said gripping Gabriel's arm.

“I have high magick reserves” Truan stated “I can light the way.” Both Dawn and Gabriel frowned.

“Fine” Gabriel said moving closer to Truan “but you don’t leave our sight for the rest of the day.”
“We’ll take him” Raoul said looking at Lewis who nodded.

“Very well” Truan nodded. “Hopefully after this you'll all trust me a little more.”

“I don’t trust anyone who is servile one minute and cocky the next.” Dawn growled his eyes flashing black for a second but Truan just smiled at him.    

The End

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